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    Titus and Oz landed on the same square

    TL;DR After dash Titus and Oz were at the same square.

    Detailed description (maybe some detail will help to reproduce this bug):
    Today I've seen how Titus's dash target moved away and Titus...
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    Sorry, probably I explained it wrong. Yes,...

    Sorry, probably I explained it wrong.

    Yes, there is keybinding for /all (and I'm using it often). But there is none for other chats. So I through adding keybinding for /team will be very useful...
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    /team keybinding

    I'm too often find myself writing to /all chat instead of /team chat.
    May we have separate keybinding for /team like we have for /all? Probably ' will work.

    Sidenote: why /all chat disabled by...
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    Often both abilities require some sort of pixel hunting (especially when trying to work with maximum angle between projectiles).

    You already have sequential abilities casts with locked angle:...
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    If there is unseen enemy near pickup, Celeste's «Strong arm» can ignore pickup and magnetize to the enemy. Most of the times when I expect this issue, I could find «right» split that allows me to...
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    If there is two pickups in the same tile, Celeste can take only one of them with «Strong arm» — second claw goes further.
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