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  1. Some suggetions to make the game more catchy for new players while also including important tutorial elements

    So I had some ideas to make the game more appealing for new players while also giving more insight on story and important gameplay elements

    I was thinking along the lines of making singleplayer...
  2. Orion Quantum Core Bow Down Mod bug ( I Think?)

    So the other day i was playing a game as Orion using the Bow down mod on Orions Quantum Core and i managed to put it on an Elle that i couldnīt Fate Transfer so i was thinking "why can i use Quantum...
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    German translation

    Hi guys just wanted to point out that 1.brain juice got a 1 turn reduce in the german translation (just text wise of course)
    2. some translations are just not what they are in german from their...
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