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11-06-2017, 05:05 PM

This patch will go live on 11/7/17.
Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes.
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New Freelancer: Magnus! AKA the Kingpin

Magnus is the leader of EvoS, capable of controlling any crowd with an iron fist.
He employs a variety of movement impairing effects to control the battlefield, making him an invaluable Frontline for any team.


Fixed an issue with pick/ban order. It should now be ABBABAAB for picks.
Second ban period is now 30 seconds (down from 60).


Halloween banner pieces are available for ISO purchase from 11/7-11/14 8:00am Pacific
Probe’s targeter and vfx are now consistent with the size of probe.
The outer edges of hyperforge now work as walls. This affects some freelancer abilities such as Lockwood’s Trick Shot.
Fixed a few second pause in resolution that could happen when NEV:3 dies mid-movement with a Mouse Trap out.
Fixed an issue where some maps had a reddish tint on certain computer setups.
Fixed an issue where the X-Ray vision powerup base was not showing correctly after taunts.
Fixed an issue where Celeste - with the 3 smoke bomb mod - could get in a situation where there was no valid square for the 3rd smoke bomb, preventing her from locking in.
Fixed a rare edge case where Rampart’s shield could get energy from a Khita arrow it did not actually block.
Damage preview numbers for Phaedra’s Putrid Spray are now displayed like Kaigin’s Void Marks.