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08-08-2017, 08:24 AM

This patch will go live on 8/8/17.
Servers will be down from 7:50 am PDT for about 30 minutes.
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Chapter 4 - Master of the Hunt is Live!

A trip to the Depths reveals details of Grey's past and provides insight into her motivations...
All new missions and challenge.
Earn the PuP “HUH” Overcon just for logging in!
Complete the chapter to earn the Brynn “Facepalm” emoji.

New game mode: Lights Out!

On Turn 4, everyone loses vision but gains Might
After 2 turns of the lights being out they will turn back on for 1 turn. This cycle continues until the match is over
Available in PvP only

Free Rotation

Free Rotation now supports 7 freelancers!

New Master Skins

New Master skins are available for Zuki, Titus, Garrison, Asana, and Phaedra!
If you already own their Master skin, you'll get the new one automatically (and keep the old one).
The old Master skins will remain available for 2 more weeks (obtained in the same way as before). After the 2 weeks are up, they will go in the archive and may be brought back in another form later.

New Adventurer skin available for Celeste

A good thief can steal in any situation. A great thief looks spectacular doing it.
The Master version of the skin will be available for ISO and Flux in 2 weeks.


All players now see the location of an action taken in fog of war. They do not see movement, but will know from where the action was performed.
The Fade catalyst now applies slow.
Zuki’s primary range has been reduced by 1.


Due to popular demand: Players that complete all of the Hyperbotics skin Daily Missions will now receive the "Adeptus Collecticus" title!
New achievements exist for all Freelancers’ 4th ability.
New reward type: Loading Screen Backgrounds! There are 9 available now, with more coming in the future. You can put backgrounds in and out of the selection pool from the Collection.
Fixed an issue where duplicate NEV taunts were not giving the correct amount of ISO.
More localization support for Korean.