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05-09-2017, 06:20 PM

This patch will go live on 5/10/17.
Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes.
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Rask - Pain Train no longer slows targets at the ending location.
Fixed an issue that prevented Ozís achievement from completing.
Fixed an issue with Juno and Kaiginís Achievements where they seemed to increment each game played.
Meridianís Necrolancer skins can now be obtained.
Meridianís Master skin can now be obtained.
Fixed an issue that prevented some of Meridianís taunts from being purchased for ISO.
Achievements that have already been obtained will be awarded on log in (instead of when you leveled up).
Due to popular demand, you can continue to earn the nidus banners from last Season Ė they will be obtainable until the end of Chapter 1.
The Mega lancer enhancer can now be obtained from the collection