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04-01-2017, 10:44 AM

This patch will go live on 4/01/17.
Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes.
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CelesTus Trust
A new Trust called CelesTus has been formed by Celeste and Titus. CelesTus seeks to steal your power-ups along with your hearts.

Mod Loadouts
Helio has turned the mod system up to 11, so we added 4 point mods for Freelancers in order to accommodate.



We want to make sure that Asana always has a way to bounce back into the fight.

Rebounding Charge
-New 4 point mod: Pinball - Asana bounces off walls infinitely until she hits an enemy. Ability now has 3 charges per match.

Brynn thinks more people deserve a shield to the face.

Soaring Shield
-New 4 point mod: Face Mask - Brynn can now bounce her shields off of the faces of her allies in addition to walls.

Friend or enemy, nobody calls Garrison a liar!

Missile Barrage
-New 4 point mod: Enough for Everyone - Fires up to 8 missiles. Friendly fire is enabled.

Phaedra’s been training in the Depths. You could say she’s become a professional now.

-New 4 point mod: Steel Cage Match - Lair now drops a steel cage. After one turn, folding chairs start spawning around the edges.

To afford his lifelong dream to become a rocket, Rampart has sold his chassis. He is now being held together with cardboard and tape.

Aegis Protocol
-New 4 point mod: Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Dreams - Rampart transforms into a rocket and blasts off. He can no longer help his team, but gets a personal victory.

Rask has gone a little off the rails, we added a new mod to help him get back on track.

Pain Train
-New 4 point mod: All Aboard - Increased dash range by 5 and enemies hit are carried to Rask’s end location.

Titus’ Dirty Fighting has been reworked to Clean Fighting. His dagger has been replaced with a bar of soap.

Clean Fighting
-New 4 point mod: Wash Your Mouth - Target enemy becomes Scrambled and is not allowed to swear until end of next turn.


Aurora wasn’t making a big enough impact, so we added a way to make her more of a game-changer.

Heart of the Storm
-New 4 point mod: I Decide Who Lives And Dies! - When taunting, you can now select half of the Freelancers affected to be immediately killed.

Dr. Finn felt a little punderwhelming, so we gave his mussels a workout.

Water Spout
-New 4 point mod: Water Gun - Damage dealt is super effective against rock and fire type freelancers.

Given his elite status as a Trust owner, Helio feels he should be in control of picks and bans.

Echo Hammer
-New 4 point mod: Ban Hammer - Echo Hammer now bounces indefinitely, until targets in range are dead, dead, dead, dead, dead.

Khita’s been nerfed a lot recently, so we wanted to do something that would increase her versatility again.

Warped Arrow
-New 4 point mod: You Spin Me Right Round - Warped Arrow can now turn up to 360 degrees, but has a chance to give herself butt splinters.

Orion is tired of taking everyone's hits and getting none of the credit.

Cosmic Flare
-New 4 point mod: No Flux Given: Consumes all shards, ISO and Flux from every player in range.

Quark had trouble making long distance bonds, so we’re switching Quark to a new provider with better coverage.

Atomic Bond
-New 4 point mod: Unlimited Anywhere Plan: Bonds now have unlimited range, talk, and text, but cannot be switched for a minimum of two years.

We’re concerned Su-Ren is too mean. This new mod should make her a master of karate and friendship for everyone.

-New 4 point mod: Champion of the Sun: Allies healed are now always “Sunny” which increases bad ideas by 50% for the entire match.


We added a few reinforcements to help out Blackburn, although they seem to be battling it out against everyone.

Scorched Earth
-New 4 point mod: Survival of the Fittest - Blackburn’s airship drops survivors randomly and poisonous gas slowly moves in closer each turn.

We had some nerfs intended for Celeste, but found this note when we went looking for them: “Celeste is perfect, no changes are necessary.” - C

Seriously. No changes.

According to our scouter, Elle’s power level needed a boost.

-New 4 point mod: Super Slayin’ - Overcharge now increases damage and hair length by over 9000, but takes 3 matches to fully charge.

Gremolitions, Inc:
We’ve designed a new mod to help Idd and Odd better fit their artillery roll.

Maniacal Mayhem
-New 4 point mod: You Sank My Cargoship - Can now target abilities onto other maps and games.

New models of Hawk Drones were just released, Grey has upgraded Rio to the StarHawk 64 version.

Hawk Drone
-New 4 point mod: All Range Mode - Grey can have up to 4 Hawk Drones out at once.

Our prime directives for Juno are to help her serve Omni Trust, protect the innocent, and uphold the law.

Lay Down the Law
-New 4 point mod: NanoCop - Juno can now fire all her abilities at once. Dead or alive you’re coming with her!

It’s about time buffs for the nightman cometh.

Void Strike
-New 4 point mod: Sneaky and Mean: While in the Void, Kaigin turns into a spider and can now target your dreams.

Lockwood started a new diet and it’s had quite an unusual effect on his gameplay.

New 4 point mod: Better Watch Your Step - Trapwire has been replaced with a banana peel and causes enemies to slip and be knocked down.

Nix just got back from a vacation in a mushroom kingdom, it looks like he picked up a new trick.

Stalker Suit
-New 4 point mod: Boo! - Nix becomes invisible and doesn’t move when enemies look at him.

Oz has lost one too many battles and is looking to start an all out war.

Catch Me If You Can
-New 4 point mod: Attack of the Clones - Afterimages can now move and leave behind their own after-afterimages.

PuP has developed different tastes in music and everyone is starting to take notice.

-New 4 point mod: PuPstep - Younger Freelancers dance until end of next turn and older freelancers are left complaining for the next 3 turns.

To save time, we let Zuki design her own mods and she didn’t hold back.

The Big One
-New 4-point mod: The Biggest One - The missile now covers the entire map.