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03-14-2017, 10:18 AM
Chapter 4: Avast Ye, Sky-Rats!
* In Chapter 4, Helio seeks help from Freebooters, the unsavory scrappers and scavengers who work in the shadows of Atlas. With both Omni and EvoS keen to publicly announce any slip-ups to discredit their new “partner” in Helio Corps, every member of the new trust is under close watch. That's where Freebooters come in: to get whatever you need under the shade – for a hefty reward, of course!
* Yarr, we’ve found booty! Season 2, Chapter 4 is open!
** Check out all-new challenges and missions.
* New skins and taunts are available for Lockwood, Dr. Finn, Gremolitions, Inc., and Zuki. Earn them through special Freebooter Loot Matrices.
** They will be available for ISO and put into the general loot matrix after the event.
* Earn an Interrobang emoji just for logging in!
* Log in on St. Patrick’s Day weekend (Friday-Sunday Pacific time) to get a free Lockwood skin!

Game Mode: Extraction
* Due to popular demand: Extraction mode is back!
* Hold the case and get kills to earn points. When a team earns 10 points, an extraction zone will appear. First team to extract the case (or have the most points after 20 turns) wins!
** One change from last time: you’ll need to hold the case to win the game if you have the most points after 20 turns.
* Draft-mode Extraction is available in Custom games.

Overcon button
* Overcons were difficult to use in-match (#blamejames), so we’ve added an Overcon button to the HUD!

* There is a new “Flux Capacity” title. Show off your wealth by leveling it up with Flux! Can you max it out?
* Will Fill now as a sweet new Fillmore skin! Is it ridiculous? Yes!
* NOTE: A female Will Fill version is coming in a later hotfix. Any skins purchased will apply to both the male and female Will Fills.
* Fixed an issue where continue button wasn’t appearing on game end.
* The only person pickier than Helio about clothes is Lockwood. He’s *finally* approved his Helio Corps skin and it can be obtained via Daily Mission.
* Improved the performance of the Friends list – particularly for users with a lot of Friends.
* Graphics should be sharper when using Options: Graphics Quality Medium and High on most PCs with modern graphics cards.
* Fixed a bug causing some chase paths and last-known-position-indicator positions to not work correctly when the target moves out of vision during Dash phase but gets hit by something mid-dash.
* An action can now be canceled by pressing its button again while already locked in for the turn.
* Alternate VFX now have video previews.
* Spectators should now see picks and bans in custom games.

* Ignore cover mods now reduce cover effectiveness by half (deal 75% damage through cover instead of 100%)
* Cover reduction mods give too much value with not enough drawback. Their consistency generally made these mods better than other damage oriented mods, making selection too binary. We're keeping an eye on the mod cost and will adjust based on their performance.

* Aegis now grants cover against adjacent enemies.
* Brynn’s job of getting in people’s faces was often at odds with her shield being ineffective in melee range. With this change Brynn can feel good about chasing down those pesky firepowers.

* Rushing Radiate has been removed. A new mod will replace it soon.
* Rushing Radiate has proven to make Quark too strong at chasing down his enemies. Removing the counterplay of full moving to break Quark’s tether makes disengaging from Quark too difficult and often unfun to play against.