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02-21-2017, 01:28 AM

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This patch will go live on 2/20/17.
Servers will be down from 7:50 am PST for about 30 minutes.

Chapter 3: Waste not, want not

In Chapter 3 we’re introduced to the Waste. The areas outside of Atlas are no longer under the influence of life-sustaining Reactors. Living out there is harsh, and people from these areas have become accustomed to these hardships.
Season 2, Chapter 3 is open!

Check out all-new challenges and missions.
Trust skins are skins that belong to any of the Trusts (Omni, EvoS, Warbotics, Helio Corps)

New skins are available for Rampart, Blackburn, Nix, Elle, and Juno. Earn them through special Apocalypse Loot Matrices.

They will be available for ISO during the last week of the event

Earn a Music Note Overcon and 10 GG Boosts just for logging in during the event!

New Freelancer: Khita, the Shooting Star!

Khita is a nimble archer with specialized arrows that can heal and shield allies. On offense, her Warped Arrow allows her to curve her shots around obstacles, ensuring you always have a shot. As a support you’ll have to balance keeping your team alive with staying alive yourself. Find your ideal loadout for every situation!
While no official records of Khita's life before Atlas exist, the lancer herself is candid with tales of her adventures in the Waste. "Titus saved my life out there!" she declared in holo-streams across Atlas. "I couldn't kill anything before he came along. Then, it was like, dead food walking! PING!"
Some insist that her chipper demeanor is a ruse. Witnesses to her skill say that much like her self-proclaimed mentor, Titus, Khita is a fearless, brutal warrior. With her set of specialized arrows, she is able to attack targets and aid allies from near impossible angles. Silent on the hunt, the only thing that lets you know she's coming is the sound of pealing laughter right before her arrow finds its mark.
Now that Khita’s here, everyone’s got a target on their back.

GG Boost revamp

Players can now use 3 GG boosts in a match (even if they are sarcastically used).
They still provide 30% bonus for the user each and 10% for each other player. Now a 300% bonus is possible!
GG Boosts been reduced in price for purchase. You can purchase them by clicking the GG button on the landing page.
More GG Boosts are now available in the general Loot Matrix

Custom Games support draft mode

You can now select “Ranked” when creating a custom game.

NOTE: this is just the ranked style of draft, no rank is actually affected in these custom games.

This mode is currently restricted to 4v4.
When all players ready up, you will enter a draft, just like in Ranked.
Now hosting a tournament is even easier! So join Prep Phase League or check out Sepheal’s Reactor Shuffles!

New Game Mode: Overpowered-Up

This game mode pushes Atlas Reactor to the extreme limits, as players fire off their ultimates with reckless abandon. Deal tons of damage (and healing!) in Overpowered-Up!
Overpowered-Up is a variant on our normal deathmatch ruleset. Players gain 20 energy per turn in this mode – a stark difference from the normal 5 energy per turn you get in Standard.
Players will also want to fight fiercely over the power-up spawns! Power-ups have been overcharged, respawning every 4 turns on every map. For an extra twist, every time a power-up disappears the power-up generator can pick a new type of power-up to spawn next time! Keep an eye on the generator to plan ahead for where your buffs spawn!
As if all of the above weren’t already enough to keep you on your toes, all player damage, healing, and shielding is increased by 50% in Overpowered-Up! We found this really put the “over” in “Overpowered”.
Because life comes at you fast from a 91 damage Kaigin ultimate in Overpowered-Up mode, we’ve also upped the kill count. Teams will race to 8 kills in this mode, compared to 5 in Standard. After 20 turns, if no team has racked up the necessary bodycount, the team with the most points will be declared the victor, just as in Standard. And when you DO die, you’ll respawn one sprint away from the fracas, with your position chosen automatically. This is a little less fair than our Standard respawn, but with people dying so often we felt it was important to get them back in the game as fast as possible.
Finally, your character selection in Overpowerd-Up is randomized. Free players – this means you can get experience with any Freelancer in Atlas Reactor by playing this mode! We’ll even give you extra time to pick your mods and catalysts, so that you always feel like you’ve got a good loadout for your match. So buckle up, and get ready – Overpowered-Up is coming to pump you up today!
You can also play this new game mode in custom games!

Helio Corps skins

With the victory of Helio Corps, Helio is issuing brand new uniforms to all Freelancers (whether they want them or not).
Due to Helio’s strict fashion demands, manufacturing has been slow and not all Freelancers have theirs yet, but more will be issued over time.
These skins are acquired through new Daily Missions

New User Experience

New players will now have an updated experience to lead them to 10 games.
Earn rewards at various milestones as you work your way to a free Freelancer!


Mod token have been removed from the game. Mods can now be purchased directly for Flux. Players with mod tokens will receive 500 Flux for each mod token they had.
Brynn’s Hardlight skin is now available!
Will Fill characters that encounter a queue dodge are no longer forced to play the character they selected pre-dodge.
Players will no longer be forced out of "will fill" when they first get matched into a game... the will fill character will remain until the player choses what they actually want to play within the game. If you wait too long, though, you will play a random freelancer.
Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck on the End of Match screen.
Fixed an issue where team colors could be incorrect in the scoreboard.
Fixed an issue where overcons were not sorting properly.
Localization fixes.


Fixed an issue that was allowing Orion's "Bow Down" mod on Quantum Core to no longer require line of sight to his target.
For Quark’s basic attack tether, if enemy tethered dashes out of range of tether, Revealed status should be removed on start of evasion, and tether vfx should start fade away when evade movement happens.
Fixed a rarely-occurring bug causing actors' last known position indicators to appear where the actor is, even though they shouldn't be visible.


All mods additionally apply their effects to Blitz
Now gain 12 energy on single target hit or 6 energy per cone target hit.
Damage reduced by 2 on both single target and cone attacks
Close Quarters mod has been removed
NEW MOD - Prediction Shot - 2 points - Deal an additional 6 damage to targets that have used a dash ability this turn.

Adrenal Stim

Crack Shot mod has been removed
NEW MOD - Addiction - 1 point - Reduce the cooldown by 1 if used on the same turn as Blitz


Damage, aiming scheme, and energy are now the same as Equalizer. *Additionally gains the effects of Equalizer mods
Close and Personal Mod has been removed
NEW MOD - Crack Shot - 3 points - Slows all targets hit until end of turn.