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01-31-2017, 09:49 AM
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Mad Love is upon us!

Emotions are running high in Atlas this morning – literally – as EvoS’ latest “solution” has increased hormonal activity in nearly all individuals who’ve ever used a catalyst. Studies show that number includes every living Atlas citizen, and possibly some deceased as well.
Season 2, Chapter 2 is open!

Check out all-new challenges and missions.

New skins are available for Titus, Celeste, Quark, Orion, and Grey. Earn them through special Mad Love Loot Matrices.

They will be available for ISO during the last week of the event

Keep your eye out for viral banners being spread by Trion Creators!
Earn a Heartbreak Overcon just for logging in during the event!

Ranked Season 2 begins!

The format for the tiers has changed for Season 2.
Placement matches have been removed, so all players will start in Bronze and rise up the ranks.
MMR from Season 1 has only been soft-reset however, and higher tier players will be able to rise through the ranks more quickly.
Players have been granted their Season 1 participation emblems.

New Game Mode: Clone Combat

Ever wondered what chaos would ensue if a team had 4 of the exact same freelancer? Clone Combat is here to put the speculation to rest!
Enjoy crazy combat in this fun mode, available only in Chapter 2.
100% Guaranteed to put all balance arguments to rest. (Guarantee may not be guaranteed)
The previous, All Random, game mode has rotated out.


When using manual cam, camera should no longer center on taunter automatically after taunt.
Fixed a bug where in rare occasions a freelancer conflict could end up with two players on the same team with the same freelancer.
Improved how movement resolution resolves chases, particularly in the case where other freelancers are lined up along the shortest available chase path.
Fixed an issue with auto-complete on some slash commands.
Fixed an issue that could cause garbled characters to show in the chat window.

Our data showed Brynn to be not quite as angelic as intended. Her pride on the line, she’s decided to improve some of her basics.

Impale range increased by 0.5. The width decreases slightly more rapidly when increasing the length of the targeter. She can hit enemies that are further away but has a more stark difference in width when changing the length of the targeter.
Flight of the Valkyrie damage has been increased from 20 to 24.

Kaigin was the most in need of an adjustment based on our data. In the hands of a skilled player, he was a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, the Freelancers are catching on to his tricks, and his effectiveness is slightly lower as a result.

Base health decreased from 135 to 125.
Razor Tempest mod "Void Empowered" damage lowered from 28 to 25.
Shadowstalker mod "Preparation" grants energized instead of might.

Quark has felt strong, and the data suggest that a slight adjustment is in order.

Atomic Bond mod "Sharing is Caring" additional self healing lowered from 5 to 3.

Dr. Finn
Under the Sea, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me.

Bubble Trouble shielding increased from 40 to 45.