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01-18-2017, 07:41 PM
Season 1 Ranked Rewards:
Season One of Ranked came to a close on Jan 17th when Season 2 began! After Jan 17th, you are still able to queue up for ranked games but they will not affect your rank score. This down period will last for two weeks until the start of Season 2 ranked on Jan 31th. Now that Season 1 is over we’ve granted Prestige Points based on your *HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVED* in any of the ranked modes.

PP Rewards:

Bronze – 500
Silver – 1000
Gold – 2500
Platinum – 4000
Diamond – 5000
Master/Contender – 7500

As an example – if you ended Season 1 Ranked with…

Ranked Solo – Silver II
Ranked Duo – Platinum V
Team Ranked – Gold I

…you would have gotten 4000 Prestige Points added to the Prestige Points you obtained by playing ranked games!

The first set of primary ability VFX swaps are available to obtain with Prestige Points. Since Omni won the Trust War, the Omni affiliated freelancers will be released first (then Evos, then Warbotics, with Wildcards being dispersed in between).

Check out this awesome Prestige VFX video made by a community member! (https://youtu.be/THqqTp86KdM)

These are the only primary ability VFX swaps available in the game! They will cost 5000 Prestige Points each. If you did not earn enough to unlock any of the VFX swaps with the PP Rewards we’ve handed out, when Season 2 Ranked starts up again on the 31st, you’ll be able to continue to add to your Prestige Points balance and work your way towards 5000 PP.

In addition to VFX swaps, anyone who participated in S1 Ranked got a Season 1 emblem, overcon, and title. A tinted version of the emblem and overcon will be given to players whose *HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVED* is Platinum V or above! For people who achieved Contender status in Season 1, you will get an additional title as well.

We will also be introducing a new emblem that will always show the tier you received in the last finished season. So if your *HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVED* was Gold in Season 1, this emblem will show the Gold icon during Season 2, and then if you got Platinum in Season Two, the emblem will switch to the Platinum icon for Season 3.

Season 2 Ranked System:

Watch our Friday livestream all about the changes! (https://youtu.be/THqqTp86KdM)

We are going to change the ranked scoring system up for Season 2! The new system will hopefully be a good mix between making Ranked less intimidating to new players while keeping the top end as competitive as Season 1.

For Season 2, every player starts in Bronze V and works their way up to Master rank. For every rank, up to Master rank, players will earn a fixed number of ranked points for a win, and lose a fixed number of ranked points for a loss. When a player hits 100 points, they move up a tier. Here are the fixed point values for wins and loses per rank:

(Subject to change)

+25 points for a win
-0 points for a loss


+25 points for a win
-10 points for a loss


+25 points for a win
-20 points for a loss


+20 points for a win
-20 points for a loss


+15 points for a win
-15 points for a loss

Notice that in Bronze, you will never lose points. As long as you win 4 games you will go from Bronze V to Bronze IV. In addition, if your MMR is above the target MMR for a rank you will gain additional points for a win to catch you up faster. (example: if your MMR is on the level of a Diamond rank but you just started the season and are in Bronze, you will get more than 25 points for a win). When you earn a new rank (Silver V, Gold V, Plat V, Diamond V) you will not fall below them (e.g. once you reached Gold V you will never fall back to Silver I). Once you hit Master rank, you will then be sequentially ranked with other people in Master rank based on your true MMR.

The old system had your rank directly tied to your MMR, which, while giving you a true measure of how you were doing relative to everyone else, definitely had the downside of causing “anxiety” when you were close to going down a tier. This new system will allow you to feel like you are progressing when playing ranked, as well as having safe guards against the “anxiety” of losing a rank, while also allowing the top players see their true ranking.

We’re really looking forward to January 31st, when Season 2 Ranked begins again. Until then, keep practicing, and don’t be scared to expand your playable freelancer pool!

– The Atlas Reactor Team