View Full Version : Patch Notes: 11/15

11-15-2016, 11:26 AM
Trust War

Chapter 4 is now available!
New challenges and increased faction rewards as the Trust War heats up!
Bonus trust matrices are now included with normal Loot Matrix purchases
Trust Matrices can be purchased directly as well

Recruit a Friend

The revamped Recruit a Friend system now gives more rewards and can be accessed from within the game on the “Recruit” tab
Get rewards for new recruits who play 10 PvP games, buy the game, and buy loot matrices


Su-Ren - Serenity is no longer blocked by Rampart's shield.
Empowered, Weaken, and Energized status that are applied to a freelancer during Blast phase or during Movement phase will not affect that freelancer's damage or energy or until the beginning of the next turn. This is a relatively minor change, since it's uncommon for those statuses to be applied at those times. Previously, it was possible for a freelancer's mid-movement hits during Movement to be affected by those status changes if they were applied during Blast. These changes are reflected visually by preventing the status icon from appearing by the freelancer's health bar until the turn starts and they genuinely "activate."

New Nix skin!

In honor of Rift's upcoming Starfall Prophecy expansion, a new Nix skin is available in Loot Matrices!
He will be available for unlock via ISO in 2 weeks


Top players in any ranked mode should now be displayed
We now support groups queuing alone with AI allies vs bots
Fixed a rare case where Kaigin could occupy the same square as another Freelancer
Introduced a checkbox to allow players to prevent AI from taunting
Various tooltip adjustments