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11-04-2016, 08:11 PM
Lore: Helen has a very unique set of skills. The Devil's luck, a great poker face, a quick mind and a quicker trigger finger. This has ended pretty well in Atlas's illegal gambling rings, being a great poker player. Until a certain tricky gunslinger and overenthusiastic ex-police officer got her. Helen had two choices: Freelance or execution. Helen chose the former, and it's been good for her.

Battle: Helen is actually fairly unique as a Firepower goes. Her gun, Jackpot, shoots playing cards that makes each of her attacks slightly different depending on the suit drawn. This means that each attack of hers has a 25/25/25/25 way of being different. Otherwise, she's a lot like Lockwood- Easy to learn, hard to master.

First ability- Lucky Shot:
Helen launches a card out of her gun. 10 base damage, Blast phase.
Heart heals Helen for 5 HP, Club increases damage to 15, Diamond inflicts anyone hit with Slow and Spade makes it bounce of walls like Lockwood's primary.

Second ability- Ante Up:
Helen uses her "Cheating Deck", making the next ability used guaranteed to be of a suit of her choice. Prep phase, free action, 3 turn cooldown.

Third ability- Aces High:
Helen lays a card mine on a space within sight. When stood on, deals an effect based on suit. Prep phase, 5 turn cooldown.
Heart inflicts Weaken, Club deals 10 damage, Diamond inflicts Slow and Spade inflicts a defence debuff.

Fourth ability- The River:
Helen performs a dodge roll in a direction while leaving a Aces High mine at her starting position. Dash Phase, 4 turn cooldown. See above for mine's effects.

Ultimate- Royal Flush:
Helen shoots a myrad of cards in an arc in front of her. Each individual shot gets hit by a random suit (barring Ante Up is used) with the effects being shared with Lucky Shot. Blast Phase.

11-05-2016, 06:02 AM
Vermillion you really came up with something unique, Helen background is very adaptable to the lore of Atlas Reactor allowing her presence to fit in without answers. And her playstyle is very much 'Luck' involved which would compliment the strategy playstyle of Atlas Reactor in general. But when I think of the name 'Helen' it doesn't sound like a gambler, rather I think of a housewife just something I wanted to add.

Ability one: Lucky shot- Just thinking of the design behind the gun launching cards but it is a very normal ability with a unique mechanic. I don't spot any problems because the factor of 'Chance' plays a big role in the balancing of this ability and that cannot be countered thus leaving it alone would be the best move.

Ability two: Ante up- This would surely be a nice touch, and show her poker skills in game. I can see some struggle implementing this mechanic of choosing the 'Suit' but I am sure it can be done.

Ability three: Aces high- I don't see any problem here, it would surely be appealing to her character of a poker player that can read ahead of her opponents moves.

Ability four: The River- The similarity to Lockwood is uncanny, if you don't mind the resemblance to Lockwood I won't suggest any change. But if you wanna change the ability I will be happy to help brainstorm for a new 'Dash phase' ability.

Ultimate ability: Royal flush- I can't see any problem here as well, a fitting ultimate ability to sweep the enemy with your royal flush (much like you would in poker). But if I can add, an ultimate ability should have a 'Pzazz' factor that makes the Freelancer stand out from others.

A great Freelancer concept overall, with only one flaw that I can spot but would surely be a good addition to the character rotation. Just waiting for the mods, don't be afraid to make game changing mods and be sure to stay active in the forums, one of us has to.

11-05-2016, 10:59 PM
Lucky Shot mods:
(X) Stacking- Makes (insert card of choice) 50% to be chosen while reducing other three cards have a 16.66...% of being chosen.
All four mods are the same, but with different suits.

11-16-2016, 05:54 AM
Well, I have a slight different version of Gambling here:

+, Stat: similar to other firepower freelancer
+, Ability:
1st ability - Play it safe (Blast phase - No cooldown):
Attack a single target for 15 dmg.

2nd ability - Slow wind (Prep phase - 2 cooldown):
In Prep phase, throw a coin to decide if Helen would get haste or slow untill the end of turn.

3rd ability - Moving duck (Prep + Dash phase - 2 cooldown):
In Prep phase, throw another coin to decide if Helen would dash in Dash phase (to a location decided by player in decision phase) or be rooted untill the end of turn.

4th ability - Weaken hurricane (Prep phase - 2 cooldown):
In Prep phase, throw a coin to decide if Helen would get might or weak untill the end of turn.

5th ability - All or nothing (Blast phase - No cooldown):
In Blast phase, throw a coin to decide if Helen would deal 50 dmg to all enemies in 5 radius (ignore cover) or deal 50 dmg to herself.

For more fun (and addict), we could the third version which would be the same as above, except:
1st ability - All or nothing (Blast phase - No cooldown):
In Blast phase, throw a coin to decide if Helen would deal 20 dmg to all enemies in 2 radius or deal 10 dmg to herself.

5th ability - Cheating death (Blast phase - No cooldown):
The next coin throwed would be in Helen's favor.

11-16-2016, 01:45 PM
Xeonist, that is a great variant of Helen, possibly could've been your own Freelancer concept. I can see how it fills the role of a gambler tackling chance head on, even knowing the risks would seem very possible to overcome and grant significant boosts.

11-18-2016, 02:29 AM
I just hope that the others would like her as much as I do & Trion World continue to develop this game :D