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11-02-2016, 10:22 AM
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Trust War is Live!

Choose a Trust and gain rewards for your loyalty! Selecting a challenge will put a ribbon on your banner indicating which Trust you are currently working for.
Challenge missions reward Trust loot matrices, which contain Trust themed skins.
As you increase your personal standing with the Trusts, you will unlock banners, emojis, titles and more!
As overall Trust influence increases, more and more skins are added to their loot matrices.
Chapter 3 – Trust In Us is now unlocked. Learn the story behind the Trust War, and unlock new rewards!


Trust skins added for each Freelancer and Trust.
New skin for Helio – Mastermind : Has science gone too far?
New skin for Elle – Great War : You definitely do not want to run into her - or her gun - on the battlefield.



All Freelancers now generate per-turn energy while dead.
Players can now attempt to shift onto an occupied space.
Players now spawn 1 space closer to the enemy team on the Omni Reactor Core map.

Bug Fixes:

If Titus is using the Flurry of Daggers mod on his Dirty Fighting, his cooldown will still be reduced if an ally kills the target affected by the ability.
Celeste’s Smoke bombs are no longer affected by Rampart’s Bulwark or Aegis Protocol.
Su-Ren will no longer gain Energy from Shift Winds if the targeted enemy dashes away.
PuP’s Pounce damage is no longer blocked by Rampart’s Bulwark or Aegis Protocol.
Blackburn’s Elite Commando mod now triggers even if the first attack doesn’t hit a target.

AI Improvements

Non-frontline ai bots are now more likely to save their dash when their health is high.
Su-Ren bot is now much more likely to use her Serenity ability.


Ranked wins now award 25 Prestige Points, losses award 5. Previously earned Prestige Points are being increased by 2.5x to reflect these changes. NOTE: The ratio of points you have remains exactly the same, we’ve just scaled everything up for rounder numbers to make everything easier to follow.
Fixed an issue where players would sometimes join the ranked queue, but would never be put into a match.
Adjustments made to leaver penalties.
Fixed an issue where the leaver warning would appear more often than intended.

New Feature: Spectator Pen!

New spectator pen – while spectating or watching replays, you can now draw on the screen with the draw option.
This will help casters and video makers better explain advanced strategy in the game


The turn timer will pause while watching tutorial videos in a solo game.
New options to sort Freelancers added, search for them by name, or by Trust.
New indicators added for whether clicking on an occupied space will make you chase the freelancer in that space, or attempt to move onto that space.
Players can now view the scoreboard for games in their match history by clicking on the match. Only works with matches played after this patch.

Known Issue

In some places, the Trust War banner is displaying incorrectly. And by "incorrectly", we mean "all squished". We are working on a fix.