View Full Version : Patch Notes: 11/2

11-02-2016, 08:27 AM

Trust War is Live!
* Choose a Trust and gain rewards for your loyalty! Selecting a challenge will put a ribbon on your banner indicating which Trust you are currently working for.
* Challenge missions reward Trust loot matrices, which contain Trust themed skins.
* As you increase your personal standing with the Trusts, you will unlock banners, emojis, titles and more!
* As overall Trust influence increases, more and more skins are added to their loot matrices.
* Chapter 3 Ė Trust In Us is now unlocked. Learn the story behind the Trust War, and unlock new rewards!

* Trust skins added for each Freelancer and Trust.
* New skin for Helio Ė Mastermind : Has science gone too far?
* New skin for Elle Ė Great War : You definitely do not want to run into her - or her gun - on the battlefield.

* General:
** All Freelancers now generate per-turn energy while dead.
** Players can now attempt to shift onto an occupied space.
** Players now spawn 1 space closer to the enemy team on the Omni Reactor Core map.
* Bug Fixes:
** If Titus is using the Flurry of Daggers mod on his Dirty Fighting, his cooldown will still be reduced if an ally kills the target affected by the ability.
** Celesteís Smoke bombs are no longer affected by Rampartís Bulwark or Aegis Protocol.
** Su-Ren will no longer gain Energy from Shift Winds if the targeted enemy dashes away.
** PuPís Pounce damage is no longer blocked by Rampartís Bulwark or Aegis Protocol.
** Blackburnís Elite Commando mod now triggers even if the first attack doesnít hit a target.

AI Improvements
* Non-frontline ai bots are now more likely to save their dash when their health is high.
* Su-Ren bot is now much more likely to use her Serenity ability.

* Ranked Mode tiers have been adjusted. We have re-balanced Ranked Points gain/loss (made retroactive) and have adjusted tier thresholds. You may find yourself in a higher tier, and no one should find themselves in a lower tier.
* Ranked wins now award 25 Prestige Points, losses award 5. Previously earned Prestige Points are being increased by 2.5x to reflect these changes. NOTE: The ratio of points you have remains exactly the same, weíve just scaled everything up for rounder numbers to make everything easier to follow.
* Fixed an issue where players would sometimes join the ranked queue, but would never be put into a match.
* Adjustments made to leaver penalties.
* Fixed an issue where the leaver warning would appear more often than intended.

New Feature: Spectator Pen!
* New spectator pen Ė while spectating or watching replays, you can now draw on the screen with the draw option.
* This will help casters and video makers better explain advanced strategy in the game

* The turn timer will pause while watching tutorial videos in a solo game.
* New options to sort Freelancers added, search for them by name, or by Trust.
* New indicators added for whether clicking on an occupied space will make you chase the freelancer in that space, or attempt to move onto that space.
* Players can now view the scoreboard for games in their match history by clicking on the match. Only works with matches played after this patch.

Known Issue
* In some places, the Trust War banner is displaying incorrectly. And by "incorrectly", we mean "all squished". We are working on a fix.
* Zukiís bot banner sometimes does not show on the loading screen