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10-31-2016, 09:12 AM
Role: Firepower
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A quirky attitude girl with a large hammer to express her gratitude.

Lore -
Pearl is a wildcard character meaning she has no relation to any faction, she is a very careless person that always ends up breaking something along her path. But she does have one strong definite passion, the record of chewing the most bubblegum, currently she stands at the worlds 4th most chewed bubblegum and now she seeks to aim higher. But she does have side hobbies of blacksmithing with her father that had recently been repairing and designing the weapons of other 'Freelancers'. A project that her father worked on was the 'Strongarm' a heavy behemoth with great force in power. Her father has been getting ill and needs money for his well-being, only being a blacksmith and craftsmith of sorts they had no money to spare. The business was already scarce and with all the new requests for specialized pistols and hand-sized cannons the shipment of materials put them back to zero money. Pearl, being the quirky girl she is wants to help her father earn money as a 'Freelancer', not the safest job for a young girl but what else can she do but that? At first she did say she could host a contest for bubblegum chewing but even she knew that sounded stupid.

Stats -
Moderately high 140 HP

First ability - Splinter: A close range sweep with your hammer, in a 120 degree arc with a two block radius. Travelling from right-to-left but the first target dealing 30 damage and subsequent enemies hit only receive 10 damage. (No cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase radius range to 3 blocks
2 cost mod: Increase initial damage to 40 but no damage is done to subsequent hit enemies
3 cost mod: Casting this ability consecutively will increase arc to 240 on the second use and 360 on third consecutive use (Using "Prep phase' abilities will not break the chain)
3 cost mod: Heal 10 HP per an enemy hit

Second ability - Smackdown: Using the large hammer to deliver a harsh smackdown knocking down any enemy caught in the 3x3 grid hitbox, dealing 25 damage. This ability has a two block casting range. (5 cooldown)(Blast phase)
1 cost mod: Increase damage to 28
2 cost mod: Each enemy hit will be revealed
2 cost mod: Increase casting range to 3 blocks
3 cost mod: Decrease damage to 20, but the center block will receive 35 damage

Third ability - Grindstone: Granting yourself 'Might' for the turn. (3 cooldown)(Prep phase)
1 cost mod: Gain 'Haste' on use
2 cost mod: Gain bonus effects for an additional turn
3 cost mod: Cain two charges
3 cost mod: Gain a 30 shield on use

Fourth ability - Mortar throw: You swing the hammer around yourself as if preparing for a shotput throw, throwing the hammer with yourself along. On impact will create a shattered floor dealing 20 damage if caught in blast zone and causes a tremor slowing enemies for the turn traveling 3 block radius around impact. Ability has a 4 block casting range. (5 cooldown)(Dash phase)
1 cost mod: Increase casting zone by 1 additional block
2 cost mod: Increase tremor slowing field by 1 additional block, travelling 4 blocks now
2 cost mod: Increase damage to 25
2 cost mod: Impact zone deals 10 damage, and tremor now deals 15 damage

Ultimate ability - Plummeting bash: You activate the rocket thrusters to push yourself through the map (cannot traverse through walls) in any direction of 8 blocks maximum and unleash a devastating shockwave in a designated direction on landing, dealing 40 damage to any enemy caught in the cone. Cone figure ments are 2x1 to 3x5 (width x length). (100 energy)(Dash phase)
1 cost mod: Increase 'Dash' range to 9 blocks
2 cost mod: Increase the width of the cone
3 cost mod: Enemies affected by the shockwave will be 'Scrambled' next turn
3 cost mod: You will no deliver the shockwave in an AOE of 3 block radius at the end of your 'Dash'

Design -
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Body build: Normal, muscle toned arms
Armour: Hoodie jacket (stops at her elbows and belly button), blue scarf with checkered pattern, black tight cargo pants, military designed boots, exoskeleton frame on back only extending to right arm (to reinforce arm strength), power pack battery loosely weighing on belt, bubblegum in her mouth, red coloured hair
Weapon: A reforged hammer with the innovation of war times mixed with the modern technology, crafted by Pearl's father