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10-31-2016, 03:25 AM
Name: Draggs, the Road Runner

Role: Firepower

Draggs is a born racer, on board of its hoverbike he zooms across the battlefield sowing mayhem and... well, acid. See the big barrel on the back of his bike? That's the tank, filled with a liquid oddly similar to Rask's juice, but the way it's welded doesn't seem too professional, so it's constantly spilling.

Passive ability: Every cell Draggs touches while moving, dashing or being knocked, becomes coated with acid, which deals a Med-Low amount of damage to any opponent that walks over it, or stands on it during blast phase. Acid vanishes at the end of the next turn after being placed. Draggs is always the first to move during movement phase (he's fast like that), so enemies can immediately be affected by his trail.

Primary (1) (Blast): "Vroom!"

Self-centered 3x3 AoE
Draggs opens gas, spilling even more juice than usual: the cells surrounding him get coated with acid.

2 (Dash): "Full throttle"
Med cooldown
Long+ range (longer than Titus's dash), fixed length straight line (can't decide to dash for less than max distance)
Draggs accelerates at full speed, managing to stop only after a long way. Each enemy he passes over takes a Low amount of damage and reduces the length of the dash by a few. If Draggs hits a wall he stops but receives Low- (~5) damage for each square left in the dash.

3 (Prep free): "I'll stop when I'm dead"
2 turns cooldown
Self buff
Draggs lowers his helmet and prepares to force his way towards wherever he wants to go. He gains unstoppable until the end of the turn.

4 (Prep): "Overload"
Med-Long cooldown
Self buff
Draggs flips a switch that dumps way more fuel in his engine... and out of it. He gains haste until the end of the next turn, during this time his trail has a width of 3 squares. Using this action allows full movement for the turn.

Ult (Blast): "Tank you!"

Med-Large AoE, Med-Long range, no LoS required
Time for a refill! Draggs pulls a lever and the old tank gets catapulted to a targeted square, where it explodes coating an area in acid. Targets hit directly by the tank get a Med amount of damage. (He then pulls a new tank from under the hoverbike and puts it in place of the old one.)

Draggs never gets down from his hoverbike without a very good reason to do so. It's a very powerful and expensive model (many wonder how was he able to afford it) which he "adapted to his needs". Obviously his needs are extra power and extra speed, so he modified the engine to work with a new kind of fuel, which apparently he found plenty of in a secluded place where EvoS dump the waste from their experiments.
Draggs is not a master crafter, but he's trying to learn the job from Zuki, in exchange for some occasional help during her jobs; for the moment his "upgrades" are neither good-looking nor safe, but they work well enough.
There's a rumor that draggs is helping Celeste during her less stealthy jobs, the relationship between them is still a mistery though.

This is an attempt to a different kind of Firepower, with not many conventional attacks (just his Ult really) and a huge focus on movement. His primary attack is less powerful than usual for a Firepower (I imagine his acid pools to deal around 15-20 damage) and most of his damage output will come from the trail he leaves in the movement phase. For this reason he will often choose not to attack in order to be able to sprint and cover more field. Slows and roots are hard counters to him, that's why his third ability is an unstoppable buff with a very low cooldown: knowing when to use it an when to save it will be an interesting mind game.
Ideally, Draggs should always move from full cover to full cover, while traversing the battlefield passing where he thinks opponents will move. In perfect conditions he should be able to damage his enemies without ever finding himself in LoS of their attacks; any error in positioning will cost him, though, since his dash doesn't give him many options and could damage him if he is caught without a long free escape way (beware of Rampart's wall!).
Traps are an effective way to fight Draggs, since you know that he will try to move towards his enemies to damage them. On the other hand, a sprint with haste buff could let Draggs take a longer route, avoiding traps placed directly between him and his enemies: here's another mind game to play :D

Here's my idea, mods will come, tell me what you think about it!

10-31-2016, 04:30 AM
Certainly is a unique character concept, that uses his maneuverability as his greatest asset. I am understanding the greatness and weakness of Draggs, but since acid is ideally his primary way to attack would it not benefit him to have a 'damage-over-time' strategy? Yeah, I know it is not completely implemented into the game but I don't see acid just burning through an enemies health pool but rather corrode over time.

Great concept, keep it up and hope to see more from you Barbuz. Remember to stay active, I know I will.

10-31-2016, 09:32 AM
Well, if DoT effects will ever get implemented I'm sure they would fit this freelancer very well :)

Thank for your support, I surely can't come up with as many new ideas as you and VermillionKnight do, but maybe seeing someone new posting will encourage even more people to post their concepts!

10-31-2016, 10:54 AM
Hahaha, thanks for that mate. Hope we do inspire you and possible every other person. :D

10-31-2016, 04:09 PM
Yeah, thanks for the shout-out. I really like the idea behind Draggs, but I can't really critique it. Not good at that.