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10-30-2016, 02:49 PM
Lore: One of the first Freelancers in the world, Kain is de facto Wild Card, but he has his own mini-company known as Get Back, who takes contracts from common people with one thing in mind: Getting back (hence the name) at those that wronged the client, without the target even knowing. As the head of such a company, Kain is both incredibly empathetic and startlingly cold. Kain is Get Back's best saboteur, as well as it's CEO.

Gameplay: Kain, like my previous entry Blue, is an unorthodox Support freelancer with no healing or shielding. But while Blue focuses on debuffs and ailments, Kain focuses on messing with enemy formations and setting up traps his teammates can use to their advantage. Used effectively, Kain can exploit a weakness in enemy formation to great advantages.

Ability 1: Wire Hook (Blast)
Kain selects a wall and an enemy, and sets up a wire dagger that drags the selected enemy to the selected wall. Deals 10 damage.

Ability 2: C6 Toss (Prep)
Kain throws a sticky bomb that, when stepped on, deals 15 damage to every enemy within 3 spaces of it's set point. Cooldown of 3 turns.

Ability 3: Saboteur's Run (Dash)
Kain runs to a new point on the map, while placing 3 C6 bombs along the way that act just like his C6 Toss ability. Deals no damage (directly, at least), cooldown of 6 turns.

Ability 4: Tempest Bomb (Blast)
Kain throws a grenade that has a radius of 3 squares, while pushing anyone hit by it a few squares away. 5 damage, cooldown of 4 turns.

Ultimate: Vortex Mine (Prep)
Kain tosses the a big mine that, when triggered, deals 20 damage and inflicts Weak and Slow, while also having a large knockback and hitting any enemies within 6 tiles.

10-30-2016, 03:58 PM
Hey VermillionKnight, always glad to see a new concept let alone a lively forum poster. Okay, you are sticking to your skill of unique trait Freelancers and this is surely one of them. Kain, the Revenger does serve to be an abnormal 'Support' freelancer but the focus of a support is meant to buff, heal (allies) or debuff enemies. But as you mentioned it to be an 'Unorthodox' and I will deliver my input then finally opinion.

Ability one: Wire hook - I am liking the purpose behind the ability but the issue of having a crowd control effect on your primary ability because their is no cooldown which could (and definitely will) be abused. A change I could recommend is that the enemy hooked to the wall only can travel a certain arc from the wall thus preventing (restricting completely) the movement of the player or it would be a two turn effect of first applying the 'Wire hook' and having no effect but then during next turn 'Blast phase' would tug the leashing and pulling the enemy towards the wall possibly travelling only a maximum of 4 blocks back (you can work the numbers, your concept). However this ability would need restrictions such as casting range, vision and has to be within an arc like Gremolotions primary ability. A balancing issue which can be easily implemented.

Ability two: C6 Toss - This is a standard 'Prep phase' trap, similar to Celeste's trapping ability but I am not here to judge. Abilities will have their similarities and we choose to ignore them.

Ability three: Saboteur's run - Okay a 'Dash phase' ability, great but the numbers behind this are gonna be tricky. You do say it acts similar to 'C6 Toss' but how far does Kain run and how often does Kain drop a C6, once every 2 blocks? 1 block? But the damage should be controlled so if one player were to activated all at once it wouldn't result in immediate death.

Ability four: Tempest bomb - I think this needs reconsidering, I mean it is essentially 'copy paste' of Gremolition's "Big Bang", maybe if you could explain the arsenal Kain has at his disposal you could design a clear ability kit. Would help if you gave me a guideline? ( :D )

Ultimate ability: Vortex mine - Don't see a need for change but figures for a casting range, activation range for the mine to be triggered.

To be honest this seems like you were inspired by Gremolitions, a damage focused support which almost contradicts the role of a support. The only benefiting crowd control is from his ultimate 'Vortex Mine' which is that enemies are 'Slowed' and 'Weakened'. If you see Kain as a support, I am gonna accept that he is a support.

Keep up the content and stay lively in the community, I know I will.

10-30-2016, 04:15 PM
Kain's gameplan in a nutshell: Wreak havoc. Oh, you wanted to be in a position to flank? Sorry, you're not going to stay in that position long. Flanking me? I'll leave a little suprise for you. Here's a hint: It's a bomb. Wow, you created a defensive position that's hard to break! It's not lasting with my Tempest Bomb.

10-31-2016, 04:22 AM
Okay, that certainly has tied up loose ends but the matter of being counted as a support is still riddling in my head?

However, the placement of traps for a 'Support' freelancer would be a nice addition considering how often supports are the prioritized target.

10-31-2016, 05:54 AM
Traps are usually prep phase abilities. Traps = support moves.

10-31-2016, 06:28 PM
Wire Hook Mods:
Twin Hook- Target two people at once.
Bombing Base- Automatically plants a C6 Bomb at the wall chosen.
Piercing Hook- Now deals 10 damage.
Strong Wire- Wire pierces enemies, but does not hook them if it goes through them.

11-05-2016, 10:56 PM
C6 Toss Mods:
Go Long!- Longer throwing range.
Big Booms!- Explosion radius increases to 6.
Shrapnel Bomb!- 20 damage.
Enhanced Sensor- The C6 goes off if someone enters an adjacent space.