View Full Version : The bearer of shields... Without energy shields

10-12-2016, 10:44 AM
So... Hello, people. A free mode player, avid roleplayer here. Will likely look for a roleplay set in Atlas in the near future and likely not play a Freelancer - not a known one, at the very least, if I must and someone's ever crazy (and awesome) enough to make one. Actually got here by checking if anyone's done that in the relatively short time only short on Steam time the game's been out.

Seems there isn't much here outside of general discussion, bug reports and the dev tracker yet, which isn't surprising.

When it comes to the game itself, you'll likely find me declaring a long sentence that is basically 'good luck and have fun' in many more words to all at the start of the match as I play what Freelancer is willing to be a charity worker today - all manually typed, too. I might also get a little silly with mid-battle banter.

So, that's about all. I could go into my likes and dislikes for a while, but that'd take a while. Without further ado...
Good luck, all, may the best team win and most importantly, have fun!