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10-12-2016, 02:44 AM
Hi gang! <3

I am Jewel, 29 years old, living in the St. Louis area. I've been playing Trion games since Rift was in testing and have fallen in love with Atlas Reactor even though I am super casual right now. Hoping to be able to give more time and play a bit more. I also enjoy WoW, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Stardew Valley right now. Was thinking about picking up Dragon Quest Builds, too. Anyway nice to meet you all!

I run a general gaming partnered discord server as well if anyone would ever like to join. http://discord.gg/OutofMana

In-game: Namaslay#8512
Discord: Namaslay#5723
Twitter: @namaslaying (http://twitter.com/Namaslaying)
Forge: Namaslay (http://forge.gg/Namaslay)