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09-30-2016, 08:06 AM
Welcome to Headstart!
* Atlas Reactor is now in Headstart!
* There are no more wipes and all progress will be kept from this point forward

New Freelancer: Juno, The Last Word
* A twin cannon-wielding warrior who stands her ground no matter the odds.
* Juno grew up in the shadow of Atlas, in one of the many small border communities between Atlas and The Waste during the Titan War. Like so many others, she hoped to be sponsored by one of the Trusts and gain entry into Atlas. Omni officials were initially alerted to her as a security threat, given that she'd taken out twenty armed raiders with stones (at first), and later with the weapons she'd acquired along the way. After monitoring her for a short time, Omni soon saw her potential and sponsored her as a security trainee. The doors of Atlas were finally open.
* Since then, the charismatic, twin cannon-wielding warrior has risen through the Omni ranks with impressive efficiency. In the wake of the Omni break-ins, Juno was seen as the only candidate above suspicion and has been put in charge of fixing the situation. She is the youngest ever Head of Security at Omni Trust, and a formidable opponent for any Freelancer.

New Player Experience
* New players are put into the Prologue by default. After Prologue Part 1, players will be put in Prologue Part 2, a Solo match against Bots. This is to provide a better onramp for new players
* Level 3 is required to participate in PvP matches
* All Solo and Practice matches now have Videos to help teach the gameplay of Atlas Reactor
* Solo and Practice matches also now have a 20 second timer, but the turn does not end if the timer runs out. This is to get players used to the timer without punishing them while learning.
* There is a new option in the Options menu to turn off the "Prologue Videos" menu
* “The Case” trailer now plays on first login and can be accessed again from the Main Menu

Replays 1.0
* Version 1.0 of replays is now available!
* After playing a match, you can now access and play back a replay
* These are available in your match history
* Currently, you can fast forward a reply, but not pause or rewind. We are working on that functionality
* When there is an update, old replays may no longer be compatible

New Map: Omni Reactor Core
* This map will enter the map rotation on October 4, with Launch
* Battle it out in Omni’s newly revealed Reactor Core

* Advanced pings have changed slightly: The advanced ping menu now displays immediately, however the close button doesn't appear for 0.25 seconds. You can do a normal ping by releasing in the center area before the close button appears, or a quick advanced ping by moving the mouse right away and releasing, before the 0.25 seconds has passed. After 0.25 seconds, the close button appears in the center allowing you to cancel the ping.
* Advanced pings now have a line going from the center of the advanced ping window to the current location of your mouse.
* Advanced pings now display a chat message as well. This chat message is rate limited, to prevent spam.
* Ally bots that ping enemy targets they want you to attack and kill now use the appropriate "Enemy" advanced ping, instead of the default/generic ping.
* To prevent spamming pings, each player now has a limit of 5 pings every 10 seconds.

* Computers with 4 GB or less RAM, or computers running Windows 32-bit, will now automatically select the Graphics Quality: Low option in the main menu, if the graphics quality was never set manually. This is to reduce the number of crashes new players encounter.
* Computers that combine 4 GB RAM or less, or 32-bit Windows, with integrated GPUs, should crash much less when exiting a game than in previous versions.

Key bindings
* There is a new option in the Main Menu to set your Key bindings
* You can set a primary and secondary key for each action

* The game will now localize based on your language setting in Glyph
* We support French, German, and Russian

Existing purchase grants
* Alpha and Beta players that purchased Credits (converted to ISO) and Loot Matrices will have those granted + 10% (rounded up)

Discord Integration
* Discord UI now easier to use
* Added support for Group chat in addition to Team chat. This can be configured in the options menu
* If you do not have Discord installed, the game will give you a handy link to download it!

* We've added broadcasts recognizing certain achievements. Being the first through fifth player to accomplish these goals will result in a game wide broadcast being sent to all currently online players. Our initial set of achievements are:
** reaching character level 20 with a specific character.
** winning 1000 PVP matches.
** reaching season level 500.
Good luck to everyone in reaching these goals!

* Middle-click now works properly in spectator mode.
* Misleading "team ready" audio will no longer play at the beginning of the tutorial.
* Spectators no longer have to wait through the beginning-of-match flyin camera.
* A new hidden title has been added to the game! What mysterious thing must someone do to unlock it?
* The bottoms of objects will no longer fade out when the tops are blocking the view of characters.
* The matchmaker has been reminded that it should try to avoid having players face the same opponents game after game, if at all possible.
* A whole lot of smaller bug fixes and improvements

* Fixed a bug where invisible actors rarely would not reappear immediately when the invisibility-granting effect faded off.
* Reveal mods have been standardized in duration. All reveal mods now only affect the target through the end of the next decision phase.


Guardian Angel
* Now applies 20 shields to Asana and her allies, down from 25.

Piston Punch
* New Mod! – Force Capacitor (3 points): Gain Haste for the turn when you use Piston Punch.
Hand Cannon
* New Mod! – Concussion Rounds (2 points): Slows all enemies hit
Heavy Metal
* Now also applies 10 shields to Garrison until end of next turn.
* Mod – Frontline: Now increases the shields provided by Heavy Metal up to 25
* This ability is no longer affected by cover. Now deals 35 damage, up from 32.
* Mod – Flatten: Now costs 3 mod points, up from 1
* Mod – Juiced Up: Now costs 2 mod points, down from 3
* New Mod! – Special Delivery (1 point): Shockpod refunds 50 energy if it hits no enemies

* Mod – Power Ripple: Now grants 6 energy if you hit a target, up from 3.
Pain Train
* New Mod! – Pounce (2 points): Gain 4 additional Energy per target hit.
Uncontrollable Fury
* New Mod! – Bristled Fur (1 point): Gain 10 shields until end of next turn.

Thundering Roar
* New Mod! – Echoing Roar (2 points): Increases Energy gain per target hit by 3.

Aegis Protocol
* Mod – Live to Fight: This mod has been redesigned. It now increases the damage of Aegis Protocol by 5.


Gremolitions Inc.
Bombing Run
* New Mod! – Explosive Aftermath (3 points): Reduce the remaining cooldown of Big Bang by 3.
* Mod – Left You a Present: This mod now costs 1 mod point, down from 2.
* Mod – Extra Fuel – This mod now costs 2 mod points, up from 1. This mod is now the default mod for this ability.
Maniacal Mayhem
* New Mod! – Reloading (1 point): Gain 5 energy for any bomb that deals no damage.

Tracer Bolt
* Mod – High Powered Bow: This mod has been removed from the game.
* New mod! – Catch the Scent (3 points): Hitting a target with Tracer Bolt reduces the cooldown of Hawk Drone by 1.
* New Mod! – Barbed Tip (2 points): Increases energy gained by 5.
Hawk Drone
* Mod – Infrared Enhancement: This mod now costs 2 mod points, up from 1.
* New Mod! – Eye In The Sky (1 point): Increases the vision radius of Hawk Drone by 1.
Voltaic Cage
* Mod – Prison Roster: This mod now costs 1 point, down from 1
* Mod – Zapper: This mod now costs 2 points, up from 1
* New Mod! – Caught In The Web: Increases the range of Voltaic Cage by 1.

* Mod – Trapwall: When Trapwall is equipped, Trapwire now deals 30 damage, down from 35.
* Mod – Insta-Trap: When Insta-Trap is equipped, Trapwire now has a 5 turn cooldown, up from 4.
Backup Plan
* Cooldown increased to 7 turns, up from 6 turns.

* New Mod! – High Energy Rounds (2 points): Increases energy gained by 5.
Stalker Suit
* New Mod! – Resilient Suit (3 points): Reset the cooldown when below 40% health. Can only occur once per life.

* New Mod! – Impact Velocity (2 points): Pounce’s damage is increased by 4.
* Mod - Tracking Chip: This mod has been removed from the game.
* New Mod! – High Strung (1 point): Gain 4 additional energy on hit
* New Mod! – Again?!? (2 points): Cooldown is reduced by 1. Damage is reduced by 5.
* New Mod! – Resonance Shield (2 points): Gain 20 Shields until end of next turn.

* New Mod! – Explosives Everywhere (2 points): Hitting a target with direct missile damage will reduce the remaining cooldown on The Big One by 1.
Missile Storm
* New Mod! – Artillery Barrage (2 points): Increases range by 2.

Phaser Laser
* New Mod! – Serial Zapper (2 points): Hitting a target with Phaser Laser reduces the cooldown of Zap Trap by 1
Photon Spray
* New Mod! – The Big Picture (2 points): Increases the arc of Photon Spray by 15 degrees
Zap Trap
* New Mod! – Strobe Light (2 points): The cooldown of Zap Trap is reduced by 1
Made You Look
* New Mod! – Understudy (2 points): Gain 10 shields until the end of the next turn.
Catch Me If You Can
* New Mod! – Razzle Dazzle (2 points): On activation, reset the cooldown on Photon Spray

Combat Reflexes
* New Mod! – Close Call (1 point): Gain 5 shields until the end of this turn.

Proteus Grenade
* New Mod! – Frag Out (2 points): Reduces the cooldown of Proteus Grenade by 1.

Proximo Charge
* Damage reduced to 25, down from 30.
* Mod – Intrusion Protocol: This mod now costs 3 points, up from 2.
* Mod – Amplification Chip: This mod now costs 1 point, down from 2. This mod now increases damage per turn by 1, down from 2.
* New Mod! – Contingency Plan: Proximo Charge now awards 12 energy when cast, but no longer rewards energy on target hit.


Shock Therapy
* New Mod! – Up the Voltage (2 points): Increases damage by 3

Echo Hammer
* New Mod! – High Amplitude (1 point): Increases the damage of the initial hit by 2

Dr. Finn
Water Spout
* Mod – Water Spout: This mod now deals up to an additional 3 damage the smaller the arc of the cone is, down from 4.

Empyreal Ruin
* This ability’s targeter now has an inner radius. Enemies in the inner radius take increased damage.
* Mod – Empyreal Destruction: This mod now increases the radius of both the inner and the outer targeters by 20%.
Astral Fusion
* Mods which affect Astral Fusion’s healing value now also affect the heal which is applied to Orion when he activates this ability. This affects Enhanced Reconstruction, Innate Potency, Mend the Broken, and Intervention.

09-30-2016, 11:21 AM
Existing purchase grants
* Alpha and Beta players that purchased Credits (converted to ISO) and Loot Matrices will have those granted + 10% (rounded up)

Bought 60 Loot Matrices in Beta and got nothing. How long does it take to get them back?

09-30-2016, 01:19 PM
Bought 60 Loot Matrices in Beta and got nothing. How long does it take to get them back?

I bought like 150+ and i have 15 loot mtrix when i launched the game(afetr doign the tutorials)(and 77K ISO form the credits), sooo its like i got the "10%" but. not the ones i bought back.

Arctic Monkey
09-30-2016, 02:16 PM
There should be some explanation or reasoning to why it was removed/changed/added mods to freelancers. Nothing too much, just a short summary for each freelancer

09-30-2016, 02:23 PM
After playing some games i got my matrices, 66. So it worked fine now.

10-06-2016, 01:57 AM
I dunno why but my game takes ages to load.

10-06-2016, 07:17 AM

10-06-2016, 07:46 PM
it's in the refrigerator

10-06-2016, 07:48 PM