View Full Version : Glyph Patch Notes September 27, 2016

09-27-2016, 09:07 AM
Patch Notes

Windows XP Version of Glyph
There is now a version of Glyph for specifically for Window's XP users.
This limited version of Glyph will only allow authentication into XP supported games (RIFT, Defiance).
We have no plans to add any Glyph updates, features, or improvements to this version of Glyph.

Multiple Account Dropdown is now an option feature

Made the multiple account dropdown functionality an opt-in feature in Glyph.
The default configuration is set to OFF. Those who previously used this option will have to re-enable it from the options menu.
To enable this functionality, visit the Settings menu, and choose the “general” section. In the bottom right corner, click “save multiple accounts in drop-down” to enable this feature.

Various Bug fixes and Stability Improvements.