View Full Version : Update 11/12

11-12-2015, 10:51 AM
Introducing Gremolitions, Inc.!
* Idd and Odd (Gremolitions, Inc.) are now playable!
* Idd and Odd are lab-grown gremunks who specialize in long-range artillery, launching explosives over walls and littering battlefields with mines. These two carry enough firepower to turn 3,000-story buildings into rubble, so fellow freelancers: you better hope they’re on your side.

* Ability Mods have been adjusted. You will now need to equip ability mods before Readying up.
* Fixed some issues with the last known position indicators causing them to "give away" the position of players that should have been hidden
* Turns remaining warning is now more clear and easier to see
* When a player controls multiple characters. The characters will all use the players last mods selections, catalysts selection and skin selection for that character
* Zuki: The Big One energy gain increased from 5 to 10 energy per enemy hit

* Menu buttons have been rearranged, so watch where you click!
* Character bases in character select have had a polish pass
* Nameplate Energy and character profile energy bars should be consistent visually now.

* Grey has some additional audio on abilities

* UI optimizations to provide better framerate
* Fixed and issue that could get players stuck on the loading screen when loading into the game
* The Menu>Options>Graphics Quality: Low setting should now result in improved graphics performance over the last build on computers with less powerful graphics cards