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07-26-2016, 11:10 AM
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Trust War

The Trust War is set to go Live with Chapter 4!
Choose a banner to represent one of the 3 trusts[
Play games with the banner equipped to give influence to one of the Trusts
Get sweet loot as each Trust gains influence!

Gameplay UI

There is now a notification when players get killed. Aim for those double, triple, and quad kills!
When mousing over a Freelancer, or holding Alt, you can now see catalyst usage in addition to ability usage (for both enemy and ally). The colored lines represent each catalyst. If they are grey, that catalyst has been used. So you’ll know usage, but not the exact catalyst that they’ve chosen.

New Loading Screen

A new loading screen is in to better show off banners and to also provide tips to help players better learn the game


Ban phase is now 60 seconds in Ranked
Fixed a few re-queuing issues with Ranked
Fixed an issue where if someone closed their client during picks / bans, the next time you find a ranked match the VS character select appears in the background
Blackburn is now available in ranked


Quark tether applied from dash should still apply energy gain per turn on subsequent turns, as long as it's attached
For Blackburn’s Equalizer, Oz’s Photon Spray, and Lockwood’s Light ‘em Up attacks, their VFX should not go past Rampart shield when standing next to Rampart.
When a Freelancer has Unstoppable status, they should be able to move through Grey’s Voltaic Cage, but only take damage once regardless of how many segments were walked through
When 2 Ramparts stand diagonal to each other and both use Bulwark facing each other, both should have their damage blocked by each other’s shield
When a tracked target dashes into Rio’s range (Grey’s drone), extra damage from being tracked should apply
Dr. Finn’s eel range indicator should not show up if it no longer jumps
Lockwood’s Trick Shot should not ignore cover when it bounces right next to the target
Aurora’s Tenacious mod on Paralazer should now shield herself


The UI has had an optimization pass. Loading times should be improved across the board.
Removed the “Play 10 Ranked Games” contract until Ranked is on all the time
Fixed an issue where sometimes you would see a Style that was different than the selected one
Fixed an issue where sometimes catalysts would get swapped off of the one you had selected
Actually gave the Practice map a name
Toggle key for manual and auto cam has been moved to right-click (in resolution mode). To less accidentally hit it while typing quickly.
Removed the min spec warning screen, as it was not serving as a good indicator of actual performance
General auto cam fixes
Various minor bug fixes