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07-15-2016, 09:55 AM
Not bugs but things that annoy me about Glyph.

1) Instant error when launch from Steam and Glyph wanted to update itself but no connection could be made to update.
"Download failed Code #7 HTTP #0"

I run a firewall which asks permission before something is allowed through. Maybe you can change the updater to retry for a few seconds before popping error so that I have a chance to allow it through?

The things is that a temporary file is created and that is the one allowed through firewall. When I relaunch a new temp file is made and needs to be allowed yet again. I can't permanently allow any of these since they are temp and the launcher do not use them again when I launch from steam.

2) Not remembering my password. It is bad enough that it does not just link with my steam account and need separate account (luckily I have one from my RIFT days). At least remember my password, like other launchers do, so I do not have to type it every time I want to play this game.

[edit] ooh. scarp this one. Seems like last update might have added this cause I've not been asked for password again after launching from Steam.

[edit2] nvm. Seems it only remember the login (password) until the next time you restart the computer. Check what Steam and Battle.Net do. Learn from them.

3) Throwing an error and waiting for me to press OK before retrying download and continue with update of game.

I am on a wireless connection which can be unstable at times. I like to let the game(s) update at night. Well, if my connection drops for few seconds Glyph will pop an error and not retry while it could have finished the download. {facepalm}

[edit] So it seems it is not my wireless but just something that happens. My friend is also having disconnect issues with the updater and he is on a land line. It is so annoying to have to find the game never updated if you let it run while at work or at night.