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07-13-2016, 10:22 AM
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New Freelancer: Blackburn, The Last Soldier

Blackburn will tactically sow the seeds of destruction among the enemy team.
Blackburnís primary, Equalizer, is made to be versatile for every situation; You can put down one target or chip away with the AoE setting. When youíre stuck behind a wall, just have Blackburn toss over his Proteus Grenade. Enemies are rarely out of reach for him. In the case you find yourself out of range, pop your Adrenal Stim to help you pick up your step and dole out the damage. Itís also a free action, so always be ready to see him with Might! Heís an experienced soldier that knows to keep his back to the wall. His Blitz always puts him next to cover and lays down suppressing fire during the blast phase. You canít just be worried about Blackburn on the ground, because heís got some pretty hefty backup flying in the skies above. He can call down strafing fire thatíll wreck all enemyís silly enough to make the mistake of lining up for him.
See full details on the Atlas Reactor website


Fixed an issue where crafting GG boosts did not increment an objective
Reduced the number of GG Boosts needed for the Chapter 2 quest from 15 to 5
Fixed an issue in the chapter 2 quest to "Win 5 matches each as a Frontliner, Firepower, and Support." where Support wins are not correctly incrementing


Fixed a bug where two Ramparts putting their shields together didnít block each otherís attacks. Unstoppable force, meet immovable object.
Fixed a bug where highlighting Loadouts sometimes did not work correctly
Various minor bug fixes