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07-02-2016, 10:56 PM
I created this quick image manipulation to convey the concept of him visually, as well as a description below the kit at the bottom.

Name: Flavor Name: Echo or Warp | Human Name: Dalius or Mattios

Role: Support (control, buff/debuff, minor damage/healing)

Description: Originally part of a robot design created to maintain the reactor's internal structures and directly control their cores when necessary in the case of an emergency and the cores become unstable. This part of the design has been modified and enhanced by the Omni Trust, and is applied cybernetically to a human with dual tech singularity gauntlets. Now the design allows the Freelancer to manipulate dark matter directly with their hands and manipulate space-time.



"Dark Matter Disruption"

* Chain - dual dark energy chakrams

* Throws out dual orbital chakrams made of pure dark energy for x-amount of damage(ex. 10 damage per chakram) to each enemy target along the chain up to 3 enemies(similar to Helio's primary) on the outgoing throw. Upon their return, slows down time and slows each enemy for the turn. Can hit invisible targets.

mod1 - Increase distance between chains by 1 and increase number of total targets by 1.
mod2 - Any allies along the chain are also healed for x-amount(ex. 10 health - 5 health per chakram) on the chakrams return.
mod3 - Now roots enemy targets instead of slows and reveals invisible targets until the end of the next turn.



"Warping Space"

* Large frontal cone or medium frontal and rear cone

* Create a warp in the fabric of space that surrounds allies and absorbs x-amount of damage(ex. 22 damage) and reflects x-amount of indirect damage(ex. 12 damage) back to the enemy.

mod1 - Increase absorb strength by x-amount(ex. 5).
mod2 - Now heals ally for the reflected damage amount instead of returning the damage to the enemy.
mod3 - Enemies damaged by Warping Space are revealed for the turn.



"Dimensional Shift"

*Forward linear dash(similar to Asana or Lockwood)

*Creates a shift in the dimensional plane dashing forward to target position through allies along the way and granting yourself and those allies invisibility until the next Resolution Mode.

mod1 - Increase range by 1.
mod2 - Gain x-amount of shields(ex. 20 shields) until end of next turn.
mod3 - Grant allies energize for the turn.
mod4 - Grant allies might for the turn.




* Target enemy with medium aoe circle

* Target an enemy and dash to them by phasing in and out interdimensionally at light speed and creating a wormhole around the Freelancer at the ending location that pulls all enemies within the aoe toward the center then flings them back out in all directions. Enemies are knocked back.

mod1 - Grant X-amount of health(ex. 10 health) to allies within the aoe.
mod2 - Grant Energize for the turn to allies within the aoe.
mod3 - Grant might for the turn to allies within the aoe.



"Space-Time Reversal"

*Large aoe(area of effect) circle around caster(similar to Quark's ultimate)

*Reverses time to undo x-amount of damage(ex. undo 30 damage per ally - basically works like a straight hp heal replacement but it's being "undone" for character flavor) to all allies within the area of effect, and all enemy targets caught in the aoe are frozen in time and rooted for the turn.

mod1 - Now removes one beneficial effect from enemy targets.
mod2 - Now removes one negative effect from allies.
mod3 - Allies gain x-amount of health(ex. 10 health) on the next turn.
mod4 - Grant allies x-amount of shields(ex. 20 shields) for the turn.


Freelancer character & appearance description:

I imagine this to be an agile Freelancer that has a futuristic pseudo-mage like appearance. He would have a fitted tech bodysuit with his singularity gauntlet gloves with dark energy orbiting his wrists with a draping cowl like short cape. His gear would have glowing accents of a deep bluish-purple and would be the coloring of the dark energy he creates and uses. He would have a partial face mask with visor with same bluish-purpleish glowing nano-tech line shapes around the visor on the head/forehead.