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06-30-2016, 10:02 AM
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Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode is now supported in Atlas Reactor, but will only be on at certain dates and times for testing
Ranked Mode supports Solo, Duo, and Team queuing
** The first Ranked Mode playtest will be Solo Mode and will start on July 1 at 4:00pm Pacific and run for 24 hours
Ranked mode allows each team to choose one banned Freelancer. After bans are complete, teams pick in the pattern: A,B,B,A,A,B,A,B
Once teams are picked, there is a short period to allow teams to swap freelancers if desired
Leaderboards exist for your Division, your Friends, and Top Players

Seasons Changes

SEASONS PROGRESS HAS BEEN RESET. In order to properly test changes to the Seasons system, we’ve reset Seasons progress, rewards, and related data. This is invaluable to helping us make the best game possible #betalife. Many things like out-of-game purchases, promo rewards (like the Dev Killer title), Freelancer levels, and Account levels have not been reset.
Credits will be refunded for in-game purchases (so you can buy the items again, or try out something new!)
Updated rewards for all season chapters, missions, and challenges. Yup, lots of changes.
Exp required for a season level increased from 8000 to 10000.
Added 2 new loot matrices, Blaster's and Defender's, available when you gain access to Chapters 2 and 3 respectively.
Replaced styles for alternate Freelancer skins in the Titan's and Immortal's Loot Matrices with styles for default skins.
Blaster's and Defender's Loot Matrices contain primarily styles for alternate Freelancer skins.
The Forged GG Boost schematic now produces 1 GG Boost. Down from 3.

Balance changes

All minor power-ups created by abilities have a standardized duration of 2 turns after the turn they are created.


Thundering Roar

Now weakens enemies instead of giving allies might.
CD reduced from 5 to 4 turns.
Demoralizing Shout mod - Removed
Echoing Roar mod - Removed
NEW MOD: Barbarian Rage - Allies gain might until the end of turn. Gain 3 energy per ally hit. 3 points.

Berserker Charge
Pursuit Mod - now gains haste until end of next turn instead of automatically following the target.


Health power-ups now have a duration of 2 turns.
Health power-ups can appear directly on allies, healing them.



Reduced damage from 40 to 35

Tracer Bolt

New Mod: High-Powered Bow - Increases range by 1. 3 points.

Tranquilizer Dart

Double Darts - Increased point cost to 3.


Increased splash damage and direct damage from 20/30 to 22/32
Mr. Punch Mod - Reduce the extra damage from 4 to 3.
Extra Shrapnel Mod - Reduce the extra damage from 5 to 4.

Prowl Protocol

Go For the Leg Mod - Renamed to “Caught the Scent”. Now reveals targets hit from Prowl Protocol until end of next turn.


Reduced the vision range of afterimages to match that of freelancers.

Catch Me If You Can

Increased the base size of the targeter to match that of the Faster Than Light mod.
Faster Than Light Mod - Now increases the range by 2 but no longer increases the size of the targeter.


Reduced health from 130 to 120

Smoke Bombs

Damage reduced from 30 to 25
Fog Cover mod - Reduces damage done by 3.

On the Run

Damage reduced from 25 to 20.
Cooldown increased from 4 to 5.



Increase hp from 150 to 160


Paralazer now grants 10 shields to Aurora
Ally energy gain is decreased from 5 to 3.
NEW MOD: Tenacious - Aurora and targeted allies become unstoppable for the turn. 3 points.


We now have support for Mod Loadouts
Each freelancer comes with 2 loadout slots to save mod selections and VFX swaps
In future updates we’ll have more ways to acquire additional Loadout slots

Performance improvements

Reduced overall memory usage. This should also fix some crashes on 32-bit OSes.

Player Reporting

Right clicking another player’s banner or their name in chat will give the option to report them
This will open up a box allowing you to choose the reason for the report


Character portraits are now back at the top of the in-game HUD
There is now an animation when there are new items in your inventory
Opening the inventory will mark all items as having been seen


Fixed an issue where mods were being lost on disconnect and then reconnect
Fixed an issue where Titus and Asana dashes had limited range of targeting when next to a wall
Asana’s Rebounding Charge now clearly shows which squares it goes through and where she will end up at the end of the dash
Fixed an issue where sometimes the autocam would frame a dash move of a hidden freelancer
Quark bot should be much more likely to establish two links, instead of establishing one and just empowering the one over and over.
Friendly Lockwood trapwires are now blue
Fixed issue where Dr. Finn’s eels were causing issues with the taunt camera
There are new VFX that appear when freelancers die and when they respawn


Due to popular demand /all chat has returned as an option. If is OFF by default and can be turned on in the options
Evos Lab now has a fly-in animation
Bots will now sometimes use non-default skins. Fashion +1
Defeating a team of merciless Dev Killers who are all wearing their Dev Killer title will now award your team with the "Dev Avenger" title. Whose team are you YOU on?
You can now change your in-game fullscreen mode and resolution separately from the out-of-game menu fullscreen mode and resolution.
AFK detection has been improved and idle players will be warned, kicked and replaced with a bot before turn 2 instead of waiting until they miss 5 turns.
Many smaller bug fixes