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06-14-2016, 10:05 AM
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Celeste is our newest Firepower Freelancer
Celeste will steal your heart, or at least any valuables you may have.
Celeste’s primary, Strong Arm, functions similarly to Grey’s Tranquilizer Dart – mouse closer = split more – and has the ability to pickup the spoils from afar – Haste, Energize, Might, and Heal!
If you’re good at predictions, her Proximo Charge is a good tool to lay down some surprise damage and it’s quite effective at booby trapping the spoils you decide not to steal.
Celeste’s Smoke Bombs ability is the first of it’s kind; it affects your enemy’s vision. We can’t wait to see the way you use this to your tactical advantage.
Her dash, On The Run, allows Celeste to escape around corners and deal damage along the way. There’s even a mod for it that helps you lose your would be pursuers by dashing through your Smoke Bombs to turn invisible!
Celeste’s ultimate, Safecracker, is a very powerful version of her primary that can gain the same buffs that her targets have – Energize, Might, Haste!
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