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05-25-2016, 09:55 AM
Wave to the new Freelancer, Dr. Finn!

Dr. Finn is a Support ‘lancer with healing, protection, disruption, and his primary attack is actually quite potent. He is very good at causing the enemy team to spread out, and with his ult, he can even cause them to clump together.
For a full walkthrough of his abilities, surf over to: https://www.atlasreactorgame.com/en/2016/05/new-freelancer-dr-finn/

Some new skins have bubbled up for purchase:

Necrolancer Asana
Junkyard PuP
Freebooter Zuki. Yarr!

Where the shell did Solo and Coop go?

Solo is no longer a top level option and is now a bit deeper in the UI
Coop is now called “VS BOTS” and has an “AI Teammates” option

Current Seasons changes

The Guardian's Loot Matrix is now unlocked via Schematic when the player hits Season Level 10.
Infiltrator's Loot Matrix unlocks for a player who gains a season level while above Season Level 20.
Altered the odds of Epic drops in the Scoundrel's, Guardian's, and Infiltrator's Loot Matrixes. Increased the odds of a Rare drop.
Items from the Guardians and Infiltrator's loot matrixes have been added to the collection, and the collection has been re-organized.
The recipe for Guardian's and Infiltrator's Loot Matrices have been updated to no longer require old materials. Fixed an issue which prevented users from crafting GG Boosts
Fixed an issue where Lockwood's alt-VFX and Nix's alt-VFX were not in the seasonal collection.
Added the Titan's Loot Box to the store for 490 Credits.

Diving in to chat changes

All chat has now been removed from queued matches. You’ll just have to troll with taunts now.
Clicking on the char channel name in chat will switch that channel to be active
Adjustments to chat colors to be more consistent
If you are NOT in a match and typing, enter will not un-focus the chat box

Everything else we caught in our net

Fixed an issue with Grey’s darts where Weak would not apply if the target had Unstoppable status
Titus dagger should not trigger on indirect damage like Zuki's sticky bomb or Fishman bubble/eel hits
Fixed an issue where changing characters in character select will reset catalysts for the previous character
Fixed an issue where sometimes it was difficult to select items at the bottom of the “resolution” list in the options
The rewards screen now more clear when Styles are available for purchase

Fixed issues were GG boosts were sometimes giving too much XP and other times too little
Quests for GG Boosts used should now progress correctly
Fixed issues where black dots were appearing below some Freelancers
Spectator Mode – Spacebar cycle is now: All – Blue – All – Red – All
Turtle Tech has been reduced to 30 shields from 40