View Full Version : Open Weekend 5/13-515

05-11-2016, 04:56 PM
This weekend – 5/13-5/15 – Atlas Reactor is free and open for anyone to play and ALL Freelancers are unlocked for everyone!

We’re opening up access to our Closed Beta (https://www.atlasreactorgame.com/en/sign-up/) for everyone this weekend, so grab your friends and get them into the game! Show off your skins, styles, and taunts while you teach these new lancers how to outwit and outlive in Atlas Reactor. Or conquer them relentlessly – hey, they’re your friends!

We’re unlocking all Freelancers so have fun finding your favorite one, or two, or three!

Every Founder (https://www.atlasreactorgame.com/en/preorder/) gets 3 bonus GG Boosts each day they log in during the event, so you can pair those progression bonuses with the Party bonus that you get from playing with friends. Spread the word and enjoy the game together!

Join us for this Open Weekend, from 5/13 PDT to 5/15 at midnight PDT.

For all the latest Atlas Reactor news make sure to follow us on Twitter (http://www.Twitter.com/atlasreactor), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/atlasreactor), and come discuss the state of the game in the Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/AtlasReactor/). Join in with the Community Missions (https://www.atlasreactorgame.com/en/preorder/#currentMilestone) and help everyone earn more cool stuff!