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05-11-2016, 08:48 AM
To accompany the transition to a Premium Digital game (Buy To Play), we are excited to introduce some structural changes to seasons. There have been some small content changes as well, but the larger content additions are still in development for a future patch.

Seasons levels are no longer available for purchase. You can earn them through matches (& GG Boosts) as normal. Players that purchased Season levels will get their credits back.
Season levels have been reduced in size from 20,000 xp to 8,000 experience.
We’ve increased the payout of the Atomic Loot Matrix significantly.
Crafting has been reworked slightly. Names of components and recipes have changed. You can now craft two things by default: 1) GG Boosts, and 2) The Scoundrel’s Loot Matrix.
New crafting recipes will become available in the very near future.
Chapter contracts and challenges have had their rewards and content adjust slightly. Expect further adjustments in the coming weeks.

We have reset the season to chapter 1, but only accounts created after this patch will experience the change. The larger season changes planned for the future will require a season-only reset, so we didn’t want to reset season progress for existing users if we didn’t have to.

Your feedback on seasons has been extremely helpful, so please keep it up as we make these changes!

ISO Changes
Since all Freelancers are unlocked forever, you might have a whole lot of ISO (gameplay currency) lying around!

We have adjusted what ISO is used to purchase:

The new taunt bundle for each Freelancer will be available for ISO or credits (see Taunts section below).
Mod Tokens will continue to be available for ISO.
The atomic loot matrix is now in the store for those who need their crafting fix, which you can purchase with ISO or credits.
The styles that used to be unlocked at freelancer levels 5, 8, and 10 will now require you to obtain that level and pay an ISO bounty. The level 10 master styles will require a very large bounty. We have a lot of fun things planned for styles in the future, and this change lines up with our goal making them meaningful to acquire over time.

ISO numbers may change as beta continues and as we add other items that can be acquired with ISO.

Account Levels
The game time required to reach account level 10 and unlock seasons has been reduced by approximately 25%.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode v1.0 is now available!
Spectator mode can be accessed via custom games and is a great way to shoutcast tournament games
A spectator can view the action from the perspective of either team, or both teams
This is just the first implementation of spectator mode – we wanted to get it to you as quickly as possible. Let us know what other features you’d like to see with it!
KNOWN ISSUE: Spectating all bots v all bots will have frequent hangs. So don’t do that right now =)


Some abilities now show targeting arcs in decision phase. This is to add some clarity around abilities that previously were difficult to see (such as Aurora’s heal and other single target or ground target abilities). We’d love to hear feedback on this. More visual refinements coming soon.
Fixed a bug where visible actors who flash into brush were showing inappropriate last known position indicators.
Freelancers hit by traps or other hazards while moving should only be revealed for a brief moment, and their last known position indicators should update only to their location when they got hit.
Fixed bug where the last-known-position indicators would sometimes appear inappropriately and then disappear at end of turn.
Freelancer portraits on the top on the on-match HUD now just show dead freelancers
Various tooltip adjustments and fixes

Taunts and Loot Matrices

Taunts have been reduced significantly in price and are now sold as bundles in the Store instead of individually. Taunt bundles include taunts for abilities 1-4. A taunt for ability 5 (ultimate ability) is available through Freelancer level progression. Alternate taunts are still available as rewards in Seasons.
Some Loot Matrices can now be purchased on the Store for credits or ISO. These will shift as the Season progresses.
Progression Styles now require ISO in addition to the level requirement


Elle now has basic AI to take over if a player leaves a match while controlling her
Oz underwent some upgrades and is now much smarter. He can be selected as a bot.


Various reconnecting fixes. Reconnecting should be more reliable and have less issues when you rejoin the game
Fixed an issue with chat where sometimes it was eating the first key input. Chat also now shows a cursor
Players now receive 4 Mod Tokens when reaching character level 4, up from 3 Mod Tokens.
Slightly shortened pauses between phases. This should make games slightly faster.
Low settings should now perform much better for low-end machines. We are still adjusting the environment visuals for this, so it will now look very different under low settings, but we’ve prioritized playability for this stage of Beta.
PuP innards will now match his style color
Fixed an issue where tooltips from the lobby could get stuck on during a match


Recruit-a-friend system is goes live 5/12/16!

Balance Notes:
The Frontliners are doing solid damage, but their lockdown can be lacking in high level play. We’ll be looking to bring some of that back to the base kits, bit by bit.

Garrison is doing great damage, but has poor CC. We’re shaving off a touch of Garrison’s damage and bringing back the base slow on hand cannon. Some mods have been re-tuned as a result.

Hand Cannon

Now slows baseline. Concussion Rounds has been removed.
Single Out has been reduced to 2 mod points and is now default. Increases initial target damage by 4 instead of 8.

Missile Barrage

No longer affected by cover
Damage reduced from 12 to 10.
Locked and Loaded: Increases damage by 10 instead of 8.
Double Trouble: No longer reduces damage.


The powerup health reduced from 15 to 10.

Rask is doing a great job of making a mess, but we’d like him to do it a turn later.


Primal Fury: Reduced energy gain from 5/2 to 3/1.

We have some other tweaks for Titus in the works, but for now this buff to his charge should help his damage compete with other Frontliners.

Berserker Charge

Deals 25 damage to everyone
Cleaver: Now makes all damage ignore cover

Gremolitions Inc.
Grembros energy gain is tops, but now he’ll have to work for it a little bit. Some ult mods have be re-costed based on their damage output.

Boom Boom

Reduce mine energy to 6
Reduce damage from 24 to 22

Maniacal Mayhem

How many 6 now costs 2 mod points
Minefield now costs 3 mod points

From stardom to anonymity overnight. We are restoring Grey’s bonus damage mechanic to bring back some of her sparkle.

Hawk Drone

Deal 4 extra damage to tracked targets baseline
Vicious Mod - Increases extra damage to tracked target by 6 (10 total).

Voltaic Cage

Increased damage from 25 to 30

Lockwoods are clever -- they usually know how to be successful without standing out so much that they invite the nerf bat. That was not the case with the double-wide trapwire Lockwoods.


Double-wide trapwire loadout cost increased from 2 to 3.

Nix could take a siesta during the middle of a game and still pop off two ults from across the map. His play was too safe for how successful he could be. We still expect Nix to be a powerhouse with the following changes, but we’ll keep a close eye on the situation.

Stalker Suit

Decrease energy generation to 5 from 10.
Sneak Attack: Removed

Overwatch Drone

Damage reduced to 30 from 34.
High Velocity Round: Reduce to 4 damage from 6 damage
Drone Army: Removed

Fusion Pulse

Focused Beam: Range bonus reduced to 2 from 5.

PuP was less mobile than many Frontliners and did less damage, but he has found almost too much success in trap comps. The following changes are aimed to make him harder to hit, while making his Ult easier to be successful with. Walkies will no longer grant bonus movement, so be careful where you try to drag people.


Energy gain increased from 8 to 10


Can jump to allies baseline


Retractable Leash: Only increased range by 1 instead of 2.
No longer increases target’s movement range.


Change targeting slightly. Increased range to a radius of 4

Zuki’s energy gain has been improved to make her less reliant on sticky bombs chains.


Energy gain increased to 10 from 8.

Sticky Bomb

Pyrotechnic: increases the base cooldown by 1 in addition to current functionality.

Missile Storm

Enhanced Targeting: Only reduces damage by 10 instead of 15.

Elle can dish out the damage, but takes a lot too. Now she can take a bit more before going down.

Increased health to 140 from 130

Aurora’s win rate has steadily declined, so we’re giving her a little jolt.

Shock Therapy

Increased damage to 18 from 16.

Healing Flare

Increased energy generation to 12 from 10.


Energy generation on allied hits increased to 5 from 3.

Heart of the Storm

Supernova - Reduce Mod Cost to 2 points from 3 points.

Helio was always meant to be more damage and combo focused than our other supports. These buffs are intended to restore that status.

Echo Hammer

Increased damage to 22/12 from 20/10

Black Hole Generator

Damage increased to 15
Ignores Cover

Disruption Matrix

Range increased by 1
Master Craftsman: Range increase reduced to 1 from 2
Kinetic Barrier: Removed


Increased damage to 30 from 25.
Targeting range increased to 8.5 from 7.5

Quark has a healthy win rate, but retreating and healing allies to full generated too much energy for too little risk. The following small tweaks to his numbers are meant to re-introduce some risk to his adorable and creepy little world.

Max Health reduced to 150 from 160

Gamma Ray

Increased damage to 22 from 20
Energy generation per turn increased to 5 from 4.

Atomic Bond

Energy generation per turn reduced to 3 from 4.


Radiate bonus reduced to 10 from 12.

Positronic Surge

Healing reduced to 32 from 36.