View Full Version : Update 9/16

09-16-2015, 06:28 PM
In preparation for the next Playtest, we've got a new update!

* Players can now play in Practice when the server is restricted (non-playtest times). Now you can check out the other characters!
* Fixed an issue that could prevent the Prologue from advancing
* Fixed an issue that could cause some players to not be able to connect
* Various improvements to reconnecting tech that will make it work better!
* Objects that become transparent when viewing a character behind them should now look more similar to their appearance before they became transparent, even if the window was resized.
* Aurora now has VO!
* Aurora should now display inside the Ready circle in the menus when waiting for a game to start and that character is ready.
* Visual improvement to powerup icons
* New stealth shader as Freelancers enter and exit stealth
* You can now use the Taunt button after locking in
* Fixed some invalid configurations for custom games
* VFX for slow has changed

* CATALYSTS: Radiation Injection has been removed. Adrenaline now grants haste and unstoppable until end of next turn.
* Zuki's ult is no longer a delayed attack and now does 40 damage (no splash)
* Rask's primary attack now deals 24 damage to near targets and 16 to far targets. PuP's leash more consistently brings enemies next to him.
* Made improvements to which VFX are visible in fog of war
* Tracker Tranq Darts should work/look correct when fired on a target that is already tracked.
* Fix for Asana’s bounding leap targeter showing wrong destination sometimes

* Improvements to chat window functionality
* Tracker now has proper ability icons
* UI polish on Progression menu
* Changed results button from "Play Again" to "Continue"
* Put a border on the "Server Locked" text to make it more readable when it's on top an image.
* Fixed an issue where some Freelancers were showing the incorrect name on the Match End screen
* Fixed an issue where it looked like players weren’t leveling up correctly on the Match End screen
* Matches that go into overtime no longer say “-X” turns
* You can now see which abilities your teammates have locked in (displays as an icon over the nameplate)
* You can no longer “cancel” while dead
* Fixed an issue where the landing page art was not coving the entire window
* Generic dialog

* Art update for the Industrial Pup skin and tints
* Garrison’s Demolition skin has updated tints.

* In the Options Menu, the Graphics Quality: Low setting should now make the game run more smoothly on some computers.
* If your PC doesn't meet the Minimum System Requirements, you'll see a warning dialog when you start the game client.
* If your Graphics Quality settings is Medium, the game will now change it to High or Low after the loading screen to a game if it detects a low or high frame rate, as long as you never set the setting yourself after this patch update.
* The game framerate should be a little smoother.