View Full Version : Inconsistency with Gremolitions Inc. and Asana Mod Text

04-24-2016, 12:52 PM
This is something that I noticed and I'm not sure whether it is just inconsistency with the wording of the mods or a bug with how the damage is done.

Gremolation's Party Crasher mod for Big Bang reads: "Deals 5 more damage for each target hit." When I read this I assumed that if you are using this mod, the damage would be calculated as follows:

Based Damage (without mod): 25
Damage with Mod, 1 target: 30
Damage with Mod, 2 targets: 35
3 Targets: 40

But this isn't how it works. If you are using the Party Crasher mod and you hit only one target, the ability still only does 25 damage. With two targets, 30 damage, three targets, 35 damage, and so on.

So, either the mod text needs to be changed to read: "Deals 5 more damage for each additional target hit." Or the damage needs to be fixed.

This contrasts with Asana's Swordmaster mod on her Whirling Blade which reads: "Increases damage by 3 for each enemy hit." This mod works as expected, unlike gremolition's. The base damage of the skill is 22; if you hit one target it does 25, if you hit two it does 28; etc.