View Full Version : A number of bugs happened simultaneously in a match

04-19-2016, 11:14 AM
Hi I've never had any real issues with the game until this patch. First of all my 5 first matches my game more or less froze after the victory screen, no matter if i decided to send a bug report or not.

But in one of the matches my game more or less started to fall apart.

1. The biggest bug was a double-layered chat window, displaying two chatwindows on top of eachother. If i pressed enter to close down the chat as i usually do, it would just pop to the next chatwindow. Only way to circumvent this was to click outside of the chatwindow so not a big gamebreaker.

2. I was playing PuP at the time and the audio for any of my actions/attacks where either way out of sync or not making any sound at all. Catalysts included.

3. My Scoreboard (TAB) didn't work, i wasn't able to view it during the whole match.

4. When i died close to the end of the match my portrait in the lower-left corner didn't show PuP (which i was playing), but rather Asanas "dead" portrait.

I decided to go here since i didn't know if the in-game reporting would cover all of these issues. I haven't had these appear again since that match but it made the game quite annoying to play.