View Full Version : Various Custom Games bugs

04-09-2016, 02:56 PM
Although custom game lobbies shouldn't be the main focus of the bug fixing, I think listing the ones I've encountered so far would still be helpful.

First of all, the custom games tab in the "play" tab doesn't work, wether it's intended or not.

Secondly, while creating the lobby, you cannot see what you are naming the lobby, but anything you type into the box will still appear in the created lobby. There is also 2 Flyway Freighter maps listed in the map selection, that as far as I can tell are identical.

If you open the "custom game settings" menu after the lobby has been created, and people join, they will be kicked if you press "update" if they joined after you opened the menu. The "swap player" button in the settings only works on players on the opposite team of you, and you cannot swap yourself. The last thing I've noticed from the lobby is also that there is no way to cancel the match starting when the countdown has started, even if all players cancel.

On a side note (feedback rather than bugs) it would be nice if you could buy freelancers in the custom games lobby (so that you can buy that Quark for the 5v5 Quark match). It would also be nice to have private/invite only lobbies, as well as the option to actually invite people to lobbies.