View Full Version : Sound dissapearing after crash/disconnect

02-23-2016, 01:13 AM
When loading a game and disconnecting /crashing , after loading back into the game , most of the game sound is gone.

I can hear a few attacks here and there, I can hear the selection clicking, but half of the animation attacks and taunts wont make a sound at all.

To check if this was a problem on my side , a friend DC'd in his game during loading and had the same effect.

02-23-2016, 04:26 AM
I had this issue as well.
Was joining a match as quark, part way through loading I was put back to the lobby screen. I quit and reopened the game to try and rejoin the match. On start up I reconnected and had very little game sounds, only the odd gun shot.
Another thing that was irritating was that after I reconnected I had the default mods, not the ones I was running.