View Full Version : shop Bug

02-22-2016, 02:50 AM
So i used some of my initial credit amount to purchase Nix from the Shop earlier. The shop timed out on the request which had happened before with another character so i logged out and logged back in like i did before to try to give the server time to process the request. Its been 4 hours now, I don't have the 1500 credits anymore but i also dont have Nix in my account.

At first I assumed that for whatever reason the shop had accidentally given me Lockwood instead of Nix, but i realized later that lockwood was unlocked from my first win of the alpha test. This bug could be problematic for when a real money shop is implemented, not to mention its got me a bit angry since 1500 credits is kind of a big deal now that there are only a few days left.

TL/DR: Bought Nix from Shop, Shop timed out, lost credits and didn't get nix.