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  1. Cannot purchase Su-ren skins with ISO
  2. Su-ren primary mod "Zen State" needs additional clarification.
  3. Spirit Bend's interesting interactions with other prep phase abilities.
  4. Su-rens Ultimate
  5. Su-ren balance
  6. Zuki's ult sound effect bug (seriously loud)
  7. Spirit Bend
  8. Make new freelancers unavailable for ranked in 1st week of release
  9. Kaigin Standing/Default pose Criticism
  10. Keigin damage on primary shows diferent number in-game and on character preview.
  11. Let's talk about Kaigin's ability mods
  12. Phaedra's bugs (Ironic title?)
  13. Custom game bugs
  14. Daily Mission Bonus % Math Bug
  15. Phaedra's Putrid Spray Energy Gain Bug
  16. Suggestion - Increase the win condition points to 15 on Extraction.
  17. How about you STOP COPYING LOL!
  18. Brynn and Rampart
  19. Razor Tempest CD
  20. Erm, so I broke it pretty bad..
  21. Brynn ability audio cues not working/playing
  22. Brynn's mod not working.
  23. I'm *supposed* to say...
  24. Brynns Taunts
  25. Thoughts on Brynn.
  26. Ranked Reward Golden VFX underwhelming
  27. [Suggestion] Add basic ranked stats like wins/losses somewhere
  28. Thoughts on Nix Balance
  29. First turn bug on Cloudspire
  30. Upcoming Catalyst Change Discussion: The Strategic Implications of Removing Turtle Tech and Changing Second Wind / Brain Juice
  31. Khita warped arrow
  32. Daily mission: Play 3 Clone Combat matches
  33. my found khita bugs ( or maybe not)
  34. Tol-ren dash allows for invalid input in at least one specific case.
  35. PTS unplayable
  36. Tol-Ren skill Ren's Fury and Might
  37. Tol-Ren Ultimate to Might
  38. Tol-Ren Audio
  39. Oz leaves invisible (transparent) clones after he use a tp catalyst
  40. Meridian and Aurora healing
  41. 2017-05-02 Bugs
  42. Switch Second Winds position in cata's
  43. Rest in Peace Phaedra: The Phaedra nerfs, zuki still OP; and the new map.
  44. Feedback and Thoughts on current PTS build
  45. Regroup dash/cata is absurd
  46. Meridian's Ultimate Dilemma (and Solution)
  47. Meridian supporting capabilities need a bit of improve.
  48. Finn healing increasing on primary and other mods that increase healing/shield
  49. Cant get master/contender
  50. Nev:3 Bugs and Feedback
  51. Isadora Bugs and Feedback
  52. Magnus Feedback and bugs.
  53. Vonn Bugs and Feedback
  54. Mods(1/31/19)