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  1. How to get value out of Rask?
  2. Juno and her design
  3. Rampart ability mod discussion
  4. Juno's lockdown needs reworked
  5. Titus has no tangible reason to be picked over other frontlines - potential buffs
  6. What can Rampart's Shield Block? (Direct vs Indirect)
  7. Zuki's Visual Effect
  8. Freelancer specific loot boxes.
  9. Su-ren needs some coverage.
  10. Su-Rewin questionable numbers (it's long, there's maths, and there's a tl;dr at the bottom)
  11. Be extremely careful with all these Dual Ranges on the new Lancers
  12. Juno's Ulti could use a lot of love.
  13. this forums seems bare, Gremolitions questions
  14. Analysis of melee lancers: The lamentations of Garrison & Titus
  15. Celeste - the glass cannon we all want (or think we do)
  16. Su Ren is a noob (minor rant)
  17. Please look into 3 Frontline grouping
  18. Please make Nix's trap suck less
  19. Kaigin Speculations
  20. Elle's toy gun
  21. Grey ultimate needs a change
  22. Pup is peeved
  23. Aurora needs buff.
  24. Passives In Freelancer Selection
  25. Asana - balance discussion
  26. Question about Aurora's Ultimate
  27. New Celeste skin
  28. New Freelancer speculation
  29. Juno Balance Idea
  30. I'm already seeing issues with Kaigin
  31. What I would do if I was patchlord of Atlas.
  32. Phaedra is really neat. Good work.
  33. New Lockwood's Skin??
  34. Rask buffed, Helio nerfed
  35. Princess Prototype Zuki Skin
  36. Rampart's Base Attack
  37. Quark's self-healing is out of control.
  38. Oz vs Kaigin
  39. Garrison - quality of life improvement suggestion for ult targeter
  40. Quark Buff
  41. Blackburn's "Field Medic" mod small buff idea
  42. Brynn's Durability.
  43. Someone's opinion on Phaedra?
  44. [PUP] Prowl Protocol - Hunting Dog (Mod).
  45. New BlackBurn skin
  46. Birthday Skins
  47. Trashsana needs to be brought up to code
  48. Concerned about Khita Design (x-posted from Reddit)
  49. Quark Nerf Suggestion
  50. New Quark?
  51. Finn eels targeting
  52. Celeste invisibility dash
  53. Su-ren skin
  54. Khita is everything I wanted in a support.
  55. Khitas strange fashion choices
  56. Aurora buff?
  57. Finn Balance (Buff/rework/whatever...please?)
  58. Phaedra's Bug Spray
  59. Balancing a little bit a couple of freelancers
  60. Khita: Why she's too good.
  61. Juno Lockdown Mod Idea (Shackles replacement)
  62. I have discovered why I hate Celeste
  63. Khita the real energy generator
  64. Khita needs some balancing.
  65. Brynn/Khita (and other) Ability preview
  66. Grey: Mod discussion
  67. Grey Helio Corps skin
  68. I have discovered why I hate Frontliners
  69. Juno stealth nerfed?
  70. What mods are you using for Tol-Ren?
  71. 2 Tol-ren questions
  72. Tol-Ren Thoughts
  73. Meridian Ult Targeter - clarity
  74. New Freelancer Brainstorm
  75. My Hopes for Meridian
  76. Balance on multihitting Frontline freelancers.
  77. {Long Post} Freelancers balance discussion and few improvement ideas
  78. Puppeteer/Turret Oz
  79. My current biggest problem with Issadora
  80. Balance Suggestions: Helio
  81. Is it just me, or is Zuki now... barely competetive after the nerfs?
  82. Balance Suggestions: Orion
  83. Freelancer Idea: Digit
  84. Really needed a nerf on Cat not a buff really terrible choice.
  85. Why don't the disks on Nev's ult stack damage?
  86. Request for a Magnus voice line
  87. Two Freelance suggestions
  88. new freelancer suggestions. (turret freelancer)
  89. My thoughts on Magnus, the CEO of EVOS(balance-wise)
  90. Why isn't there a Necrolancer Grey?
  91. tol-ren taunt
  92. new lancer suggestion
  93. Can Elle get some love?
  94. Garrison and Rampart could still use some love
  95. Flux Capasity 100% suggestion
  96. Isadora shoots through walls?