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  1. So, when does the game can be played? :)
  2. Good Luck
  3. Introductions - The first thread
  4. Introductions - The first thread
  5. Introductions
  6. Keen to try it out!
  7. Alpha!
  8. Anyone else hyped for this game/here?
  9. Welcome and Post Who You Are...
  10. Atlas Reactor Subreddit
  11. Forums Thread Rating Box.
  12. İs This The First Player Thread :D ?
  13. Don't forget the simple stuff! =D
  14. What i would like to see in the game
  15. What i like to see in the game
  16. Keep missing events
  17. Error on trying to login to Atlas Reactor for the first time
  18. Triva for an alpha access key
  19. How many players?
  20. What Is This Game Rated?
  21. When Will This Game Be Open To Download?
  22. Asking for a favor
  23. Devs If You Could......
  24. System requirements
  25. Any Aerena players here?
  26. Mac Client?
  27. Payment model and/or founder's packs
  28. 3rd Party websites
  29. Need help on region!
  30. Any plans for one player vs one player/2-3 players??
  31. Best Team Comp Ideas
  32. Thanks for the alpha.
  33. A quick thank you
  34. Random Alpha Question
  35. Really looking forward to play this game.
  36. Atlas Reactor's 1st Twitch live stream with the devs! [Link & summary]
  37. Question about recent livestream gameplay
  38. Gameplay
  39. Youtube/Twitch
  40. How long on average does alpha access take to get?
  41. How Do I Know If I Can Play?
  42. Things I like in this Game Right now...
  43. TheBlastPhase Podcast, Episode 1: WE HATE PuP EDITION
  44. Any info on when the game might come back up?
  45. [Fanfic] Lockwood's Plight - Part I: Of Blood and Smoke
  46. How to play the game ?
  47. Info that i cant find anywhere...
  48. Can Someone help me here?
  49. Gonna be on mac
  50. Offline?
  51. This game looks great
  52. Survey
  53. Official Livestream Feb 19th, Alpha Sneak Peek, Broadcaster Promo's...all the news....
  54. [BR] ::BRASILEIROS:: Boas Vindas
  55. Hello?
  56. Prologue
  57. Cannot create a glyph game tag
  58. Alpha Codes Not redeeming.... "Unable to complete your purchase?"
  59. I signed up but not working i did not get sent code. (click on to see what i sayed)
  60. Ideas and Feedback Collection
  61. Windows 10 Issue
  62. Stream Recap 2/19
  63. Stuck in the loading screen
  64. FanArt? (Specifically Animations)
  65. Why make this game a team game rather than 1v1?
  66. Best Freelancer and Why? Top 3
  67. Combo
  68. TOURNAMENT TIME! Feb 23rd at 6pm PST (do your time conversions!)
  69. Atlas Reactor LFG
  70. How good is the music?
  71. Alpha Acces
  72. New Gamemode suggestions
  73. UPDATED: Tournament Registration! (ignore my other tourny post)
  74. Help me with beta key
  75. How to Grey
  76. Anyone got a Key left?
  77. Game download not working?
  78. What is the proposed release date?
  79. Rio Rampage Grey - TheBlueMuzzy's Build
  80. Will i get access into other alpha testing ?
  81. Feels a bit too individualistic...
  82. Bug - Pressing ESC/Spacebar after completing tutorial
  83. That moment you help CohhCarnage to max bm on his stream >:3
  84. Stream
  85. Please keyyy
  86. how do i get on to the actual game?
  87. Tester#_#
  88. Reikia - (FAN) Freelancer kit design (not official)
  89. One day... Grey + Titus
  90. Monetization discussion for players and devs
  91. Sort of disappointed
  92. So anyone...
  93. About game access...
  94. Grey fanart
  95. Melee Assassin Kit design
  96. Al the Chemist [Offensive Support Concept]
  97. Gandalf the Technomancer [Support concept]
  98. An Unnamed Support (Because I'm good at names.)
  99. Support Concept: Dimensional Master Thingy (Yep I joined the crowd)
  100. Question about enemy dislocation
  101. Freelancer tank: Penitent
  102. Youtube and/or Twitch (no not about permissions again)
  103. Downloading Atlas Reactor.....
  104. Download Before the Next Alpha Session?
  105. Beta
  106. Gameplay mechanics
  107. General questions about alpha
  108. Support Freelancer Idea
  109. Anyone Else Ridiculously Excited for Tomorrow?
  110. Maybe an idiot question if it has been said before ..
  111. Questions for Streamers!
  112. Atlas Reactor YouTube Channels
  113. Game doesn't start
  114. Keybinding ?
  115. Recruitment chat
  116. Optimization
  117. Future development for mobile?
  118. What will happen to my credits that go unused after Closed Beta?
  119. Question about Founder's Packs
  120. The new language
  121. Closed Beta Invites
  122. Trust for Oz?
  123. Spectator mode
  124. Regrading Founders pack.
  125. Creating a website like mobafire.com
  126. ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ Hardcore-Gaming Tryharder
  127. ̿' ̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(◣_◢)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ Hardcore-Gaming Tryharder
  128. AddMoreAbilitiesMakeAnewGame
  129. Killed by Dev / Dev Killer
  130. Are there any media materials?
  131. Avatars
  132. Win Conditions
  133. PuP Guide, his bite is bigger than his bark
  134. Payment methods
  135. Lancer colours
  136. Welcome to Prepphase.com
  137. Freelancer Idea: Lionul aka The Reflection
  138. What determines the blast phase order?
  139. Is this game gonna be free
  140. Reporting players?
  141. Hello to the German Community! Beta-Code Verlosung
  142. Question about streaming
  143. Closed beta access for alpha players?
  144. Atlas Reactor "Following" on Twitter
  145. Access Pack in Beta
  146. Want to know what the Freelancers do in their free time?
  147. When do preorders stop?
  148. More maps at launch?
  149. What's ELO based on?
  150. Closed Beta Key
  151. Closed Beta
  152. Beta Servers?
  153. Can't access to the beta
  154. No "Alpha Reactor" title
  155. Bought founder pack no access.
  156. move "you are dead" message
  157. Can't play - Says "SERVER IS LOCKED"
  158. Beta-Key Giveaway on stream!
  159. Season Challenges
  160. So let's talk about turn 1
  161. Season contracts timers
  162. Season 1 - Season Challenge
  163. Free rotation
  164. System Req.
  165. Can I make videos for this?
  166. New guy here, quick question
  167. New Guy here..
  168. So how long until the cash shop kills the game?
  169. ISO Pricing too high
  170. Closed Beta Community and Mods time to talk Ranked?
  171. Movement cancelling.
  172. [Query] Seasons
  173. Lockwood Pixel Art Animation
  174. AtlasReactor.info Launch (Builds, Dev Tracker, Contests - Beta Access and more)
  175. When bots take over... #Tilted
  176. Something To Clarify Before I Buy
  177. Action / Movement lines.
  178. We need an 'Advanced Settings' option for the Graphics Section
  179. Prep Phase Revamped
  180. Would you personally recommend it?
  181. LOW FPS (MSI GTX 970 & i5-6600k)
  182. Founders Packs and Steam
  183. player reporting
  184. it says I got the close beta key but I cant play ?
  185. new have played it yet but got a question
  186. Upcoming Atlas Reactor Tournament (May 7th-8th)
  187. [Suggestion] Better Tooltips/Info
  188. Possible to transfer from Glyph to Steam ?
  189. Going Buy-to-play
  190. Masters of Atlas - Tournament Concept
  191. E-Sport? Competitive Scene? Future of Atlas Reactor
  192. Beta keys are gonna access full game?
  193. Bring back the old Low!
  194. So what about us who bought into the beta?
  195. Atlas Edition pack missleading prize
  196. Lets talk: "stall" tactics
  197. What exactly is VFX?
  198. Random Lockwood heads
  199. Pricing Issue
  200. Preferred Turn Timer
  201. Saturday May 21st Schoolyard draft tournament - just bring yourself!
  202. Erased save for release ?
  203. Release progress, Lancers, stuff.
  204. Atlas Reactor Beta Giveaway
  205. Competitive Gamemode(s)
  206. Dr. Finn is Evo!
  207. Prep Phase League Sign-Ups
  208. Guide: Atlas Reactor Firepowers "Road to 1800 ELO"
  209. 3d models of Lancers for 3d animations (e.g SFM)
  210. Atlas Reactor PTS?
  211. How does refferal system works?
  212. France group fb
  213. A simple reminder for participating in the Community Rewards
  214. Beta keys
  215. Youtube vid of me (not the best youtuber not even close if you expect high quality then dont watch!)
  216. Suggestion: Fan Creations forum section
  217. Looking for Kray from devs
  218. Game of quotes
  219. The New Freelancer (Look it up in twitter)
  220. Atlas Reactor : Guide du débutant pour firepower
  221. External Lighting in Atlas Reactor!
  222. Test
  223. Founder title
  224. Team Recruiting
  225. Bought Founders, Can I Upgrade My Tier At A Discount?
  226. How not to win (a short note on etiquette)
  227. Funders after the release.
  228. "Indirect damage"
  229. Instant Access
  230. Replays?
  231. Holla! Streaming service here
  232. something is not clear
  233. 3 Supports vs 1 Support
  234. Final straw
  235. Is there an easy way to link to the steam account?
  236. Lost half of the money and almost all the materials
  237. How to target double things?
  238. Fourm title
  239. Gamemode Suggestion
  240. Want cool skins like everyone else? SUBSCRIBE TO REDDIT IMMEDIATELY! ONLY 27 MORE TO GO!
  241. More characters
  242. Mod Loadouts
  243. Curse Skins
  244. Voice Actors?
  245. Edition upgrade & Steam.
  246. Can't purchase credits without using steam wallet?
  247. Linking Glyph Account to Steam Account
  248. Got alternate visual for Grey`s drone, but it doesn`t work
  249. Did Not Get Rampart Liberty Style From Duo Ranked - Anyone Else?
  250. Tutorial site?