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  1. Gameplay bug: Brynn's "Sunder" mod doing incorrect damage against some targets
  2. New Alt indicator too optimistic
  3. Your IP address has changed since you authenticated
  4. Garrison voice (heavy metal) comes up when a lacer taunts
  5. Literally Cannot Play :(
  6. PuP and Aurora Ultimate Taunts
  7. DONATE SHOP PROBLEM. Set from a store for $ 5 (Набор из магазина за 5 долларов)
  8. No hay conexion
  9. Disconnects/Freezes
  10. Accolades bug?
  11. Adaptus Collecticus title not unlocking
  12. Prove is revealing Lancers with Invisible buff, fix it please.
  13. Weird SoloQ - DuoQ bug
  14. Tol Ren bug
  15. Walkied through Helio wall but no damage
  16. Master Lockwood "Special Agent" skin
  17. Can purchase Celeste's "Ranger" Master Skin despite not being level 20
  18. I updated my video drivers and Atlas Reactor's resolution reset
  19. Bought and equipped Celeste "Ranger" Master Skin but I only have level 17 Celeste
  20. If there was ever a need for a JonTron quote, it's this
  21. Two characters occupying the same tile?
  22. Error Code 2014
  23. Nev:3 Meowch Catarang Mod
  24. Isadora's shield not poping gems
  25. Loading Screen drop shows wrong art
  26. Isadora's Ult
  27. Two Fourlancer Bugs
  28. Stuck on GG Boost Screen after finishing Fourlancer
  29. after linking my account with steam, i lost some of my freelancers...
  30. Unable to complete daily mission "play 2 non deathmacth mode matches"
  31. Game breaking bug (4lancer)
  32. Disconnection from the lobby to server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Failed to set GlyphTag
  34. Missing Freelancers
  35. Probe-Fade Bug
  36. Another game ripping off your characters and stuff (PLEASE NOTICE ASAP)
  37. Game crashes
  38. Orions mastermind master skin
  39. Went from rank 5 to rank 6. This shouldn't happen .
  40. Atlas Reactor completely changed my progress
  41. player Fill, catalyst resets to default after each game.
  42. List of Various Bugs
  43. All skills on cooldown
  44. Freezes and Slowdowns
  45. Suren ult shield is buggued.
  46. Grey dash, invisble mod bug
  47. Season 4 Week 1: Challenge undid itself after completion.
  48. pup mod Tasty target
  49. Daily Alert not working
  50. Smart ping circle locking down turn (Semi Game Breaking)
  51. Perform 10 takedowns each with 5 different freelancers not advancing
  52. haunt master skin
  53. Play 5 matches with a friend not working
  54. Memory leak with the new 64-bit version
  55. Ability/Catalyst Tab in Ranked Lobby
  56. Brynn Dash damage origin bug
  57. Game screen Freeze, direct x 11 at fault?
  58. [FIX] Daily Mission and Freelancer Tokens Error
  59. Is rank point gain bugged for me?
  60. You can't buy halloween emblems babyrage
  61. glyph auto update broke the launcher
  62. Buggy 2nd ban
  63. Performance Decrease in 4k after 64 bit Patch
  64. Just played a game with 12 points in mods.
  65. Not being able to click while in ranked queue. Am I the only one?
  66. Ban a Picked Freelancer
  67. Message saying I am not on most recent version of the game after update
  68. Magnus doesn't count for the "Play as an EVOs Freelancer" quest
  69. Magnus' Magical Floating Cigar
  70. Daily Mission: Play two Non-Deathmatch mode matches missions bugged?
  71. Infinite Loading Screen
  72. Inconsistent dodge stats
  73. patch 11/14/2017 killed servers
  74. Regarding Ongoing DDOS Challenges
  75. constant DC.
  76. STEAM local currency - problem
  77. discord cant join team or group chat
  78. i lost all of my progress
  79. Lost progress on S4 chpt 11
  80. Targeting squares bug
  81. Missing ranked emblems
  82. Black Screen with Cursor
  83. Incorrect Email Address at Login
  84. Discord Error Message
  85. Watching past games resets catalyst choices
  86. Kicked for idling in a solo 4lancer match vs bots
  87. Authentication Code - not sending
  88. Unable to move to a spot where a teammate is standing
  89. Grem Big Bang Cover Issue
  90. Unable to block player from match history
  91. Launcher redownload 4.76GB every few days
  92. Downloading Glyph Update ERROR
  93. Cannot Open up the Game Window, Just Sound
  94. Bug in BAN / Character select turn
  95. Unstoppable vs adrenaline catalyst and movement restriction
  96. Crashing on Play
  97. Bug in playing Oz QuickMatch
  98. At least, I HOPE it's a bug...
  99. Crashes upon Opening
  100. Poor performance even at the lowest settings, while meeting minimum requirements.
  101. wont let me create a glyph tag
  102. Post-match GG prompt being skipped.
  103. In VS bots, Tol-Ren can see invisible enemies
  104. Steam purchases time out
  105. Titus and Oz landed on the same square
  106. Took away the character
  107. Can't Log In
  108. "dodged per life" I always knew it lied!
  109. Glyph tag error
  110. Few bugs
  111. Few more bugs
  112. Bots do nothing?
  113. Cant spawn in bed anywhere detailed bug
  114. Launcher update never stops
  115. BSOD clock_watchdog_timeout
  116. Can't find leave group
  117. It won't let me set a tag
  118. Can't move and attack?