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  1. Queueing Ranked then Stopping
  2. Random crashes / disconnection
  3. Sometimes you get the wrong skin completely / wrong colour skin
  4. Ready animations for Lancers
  5. Pause Reconnections
  6. Loading the game and getting an invite
  7. Game crashes constantly!
  8. Problem with GlyphClient
  9. Ultrawide ratio causes graphics to overlay on top of buttons and information
  10. Rask vs Dr.Finn weird bug (or mechanic?)
  11. 3 + 5% is still 3...
  12. Why my recruit-a-friend list isn't updating?
  13. Queue dodge penalty, without leaving?
  14. Kaigin Ability Tool Tip Bug
  15. new skins bug
  16. Celeste Smoke Placement Bug
  17. Can't attack bug
  18. New patch = Failed to Connect to Lobby Server: Network Error
  19. Why?
  20. Phaedra bug?
  21. Brynn's Aegis issue
  22. Challenge season quest
  23. Brynn ready animation
  24. Challenge mission season 2 cant change helio trust mission?..
  25. Brynn's ult taunt
  26. xp is not being calculated / calculated wrong
  27. Season mission not updating
  28. Aegis energy gain
  29. Brynn's Ult Mod - On the Offensive Not Working
  30. Game Breaking Phaedra Bug
  31. Brynn Spear Bugged
  32. Not technically a bug but a bit of a problem
  33. Free freelancer unlock bug.
  34. Season 2, Chapter 1 complete splash screen missing/not displaying
  35. [Grey bug] Taunts make it easier for the enemy to kill you
  36. Freelancer disappearing !
  37. Grey pierce not dealing damage
  38. Taunts
  39. DC issues
  40. Brynn Valkyrie(Dash) Aegis doesn't trigger mod on normal Aegis
  41. Brynn's Ultimate's Taunt
  42. zukis mod shell shocked not working as described
  43. Daily missions not counting all random matches
  44. Long loading time issue + Disconnect
  45. Lag + DC
  46. Match start camera bug
  47. error 1034 or 1033
  48. Prototype PuP unable to use taunts
  49. Bugged Waiting for game screen + Locked out of Server
  50. [VIDEO] Asana rebounding charge bug (shown landing zone is incorrect)
  51. Aurora ion cloud vs spawn portal
  52. Server error
  53. Non clone in clone combat
  54. eels bad overcon not working in game
  55. Issue redeeming code?
  56. Chase Doing weird things
  57. Wrong Mod Icons
  58. Ranked Queue Insta lancer select BUG
  59. Some bug and Ask
  60. Strange Audio with Multi-Input Abilities
  61. Skin Bug In Clone Mode
  62. download errors
  63. Error #1034
  64. Lockwood traps not showing trip beams
  65. Prestige gain bug
  66. Blackburn's ult and cover
  67. Kaigin bug or not?
  68. Phaera bug?
  69. Just got a timeout from ranked for someone else leaving
  70. Can't choose corporation
  71. Following a Target that Dashes and Moves
  72. German Client - Wrong ranks displayed
  73. Complete 5 unique daily missions bug
  74. Fill bug
  75. Ingame chat picture
  76. Cannot download the new hotfix...
  77. Not Verifying Game version (Error 1016)
  78. Can't open the game on steam
  79. Orion Quantum Core Bow Down Mod bug ( I Think?)
  80. Participating in clashes you should be too far away from
  81. Juno's lockdown
  82. Junos lockdown does not trigger Titus dagger
  83. Juno's ultimate didn't damage a spawning enemy
  84. Brynn Impale Mod not working (screenshot incl.)
  85. Ranked diamond league points issue
  86. Garrison dash catalyst interaction with missiles
  87. Asana Visual bug
  88. Visual bug: Freelancer experience bar inaccurate pixels.
  89. Can't buy Orion's valentine's skins.
  90. Crashes while trying to enter games.
  91. ESC key behavior out of match.
  92. Solo Q ranked bug - Character never loaded
  93. Watch game mode
  94. Exploitable Bug: Disconnected while loading, rejoined game with default catalysts and unmodded skill gained the default mod
  95. Key Bindings: (F) Center Camera On Action to work during resolution.
  96. Menu Mode/Resolution gets forced to Fullscreen if Game Mode/Resolution is Fullscreen.
  97. recruit a friend rewards
  98. compensation for upgrading
  99. Helio Ironclad Isn't Fully Unstoppable
  100. Rotating cam
  101. Lag + DC again
  102. Super fast guys + strange behaviour problem
  103. Character selection
  104. Khita and outcome projections
  105. Fill + In Game Bug
  106. Helio Corp Grey lacks a title or description
  107. Weird Error on Khita's loadout select screen
  108. Game 3vs4
  109. Season chapter 1 quests not gaining progress.
  110. Oz Helio Corps skin not counting towards Trust skin Challenge Mission
  111. Can't choose Trust affiliation
  112. Quark Helio Corp Skin Mission stuck at 0/1
  113. Multiple Bugs
  114. Access Denied as of Patch 2/23
  115. Garrison breaks targeter
  116. Brynn primary attack bug
  117. my movement will be changed automatically after reconnecting
  118. Khita "new try" heal mod
  119. Purchased Loot Matrices with Steam Wallet, was charged for but not given.
  120. Taunt Doesnt Work
  121. Steram cards
  122. A few bugs in the Khita patch
  123. Do Not Meet Requirement for Ranked
  124. Asana Taunt Bug
  125. Grey bug
  126. Custom Game Draft - No Spectator View
  127. Khita's mod bug "Aim Again!"
  128. has anyone got atlas to work on 'playonlinux' which uses wine? does anyone that sees this use linux here?
  129. Major concerns
  130. Refer a friend code
  131. BlackBurn dash taunt forced my whole team to relaunch the game
  132. Unable to purchase the Mastery skin "Shadow" for Khita
  133. Catalyst Tab in Ranked Lobby
  134. Aurora, "Life & Death" Taunt Doesn't Work
  135. Kaigen dash animation
  136. Match Won't Load (Progress Bars Never Fill)
  137. When severs goes down
  138. Su Ren Spirit Bend Glitch/Broken
  139. Fade / Missiles / Helio Ult exploit
  140. Helio black hole and invisib cata
  141. Cannot buy Elle Wasteland skin (Glacier style) with ISO
  142. Stuck on "Now Loading" since new update
  143. Friends indicator not showing correct number of online friends.
  144. Mouse wheel on friends list needs some sensitivity.
  145. Ranking down
  146. Extraction sometimes goes on unmotivated overtime/sudden death.
  147. Game crashes when battle starts loading since 2MB update
  148. Gremolition Splort errata / bug
  149. Game says I queue dodged when I didn't
  150. Post game screen still painfully slow
  151. I can't even start the game right now
  152. S2 Chapter 4 taunt quest broken
  153. New Character?
  154. Flux Capacity Glitch
  155. Titus charge bug
  156. Ranking bug
  157. Titus throwing knife damage indicator
  158. Cant Play Game (Glyth Tag wont work)
  159. Got Tol- Ren Skin in Lootcase
  160. Loot Box Bug.
  161. Resource issue
  162. Lite on Loot
  163. Somehow I have lost my account
  164. Please help! Error 2023 when launching with Steam
  165. Got all the Helio Corp skins, and a... bonus?
  166. Disconnect ed from game server help mee!!!!
  167. Instead of playing the written update what to do&
  168. New Fill Skin kewnfirmed?
  169. Oz cannot sprint after dashing
  170. Juno ultimate aim bug
  171. Banner Title Misspelling - Chief Aquisition Officer
  172. HELP! error 2023 when lauching through steam
  173. Freelancer cycling in PTS
  174. Interaction between Brynn's shield and Tol-Ren's ult.
  175. accont Problem
  176. Stuck "Now Loading Screen" =(
  177. Season 1 chapter synopsis Text Error
  178. Asana Glitch?
  179. Garrison new taunt bugged
  180. EXP reward not working
  181. Disconnecting
  182. Freelancers change between selection and team building
  183. Infinite 'NOW LOADING' screen
  184. Kaigin void mark not triggering
  185. Windows 10 (1703) update blocked by AR.
  186. Lockwood Quickfingers bug
  187. Rampart's Shield and Su-Ren's Weaken - Bug or Feature?
  188. Stuck In the Blast Phase
  189. Freezes, Lags and low FPS
  190. Forum redirection error
  191. being hurt twice by Juno on the same turn
  192. Can't access the game since new Windows update
  193. stuck on now loading
  194. Ramp Wall and Titus Dash Interaction
  195. Phaedra 2close
  196. Weird Display Bug I think on PTS 05-03-17
  197. Trion, we have a problem!
  198. Pups leash not revealing.
  199. Phaedra Mending Swarm bug
  200. Steam cards
  201. Doesn't work on hotel internet
  202. Problems unlocking "The Rens" emblem
  203. Prove (vision catalyst) requires user to be alive
  204. Why you don't want my money?
  205. Tolren ult bug
  206. Movement bug on new map
  207. Camera won't move at start of game
  208. Freelancer stats being covered after game?
  209. Ultimate compilation of bugs
  210. New Map Lag
  211. Don't have Steam Achievements
  212. Chronosurge Bug
  213. Last 2 maps Major FPS Drops
  214. No Golden Age skin for Meridian
  215. Unable to change options in 3440X1440 Resolution
  216. Waypoint issues
  217. New player issues, please help. [Thanks in advance]
  218. Difference in taunt preview video quality
  219. Sometimes I just don't hit
  220. Forever loading in live server
  221. Online/Busy/Away Button Broken
  222. Not getting full ranked points.
  223. Last season rank didn't carry over
  224. Cannot go from rank 1 to contender
  225. Can't skip the stats to see score (end of game)
  226. Celeste "Strong Arm" bug
  227. Crash "24-06-01_113114"
  228. Badges...
  229. Taunts Duplicating in Loot Matrix
  230. ELLE - Brutal Precision Mod
  231. Helio Ult Ability with Might mod
  232. Error 1027
  233. No Phaedra Loot Box at lvl 15 Phaedra
  234. Right Click Bug On the Lobby
  235. camera on Oz ult and text
  236. Not Getting Credit for Daily Mish when I Can't Enter Match
  237. Exp and FJ Bug
  238. incorrectly shows the rank after the fight
  239. Freelancer i got with free token from start disappeared.
  240. Uhhhh thanks for the free stuff?
  241. Bug
  242. lost all progress
  243. Can't open my party loot matrixes
  244. Blocking players
  245. Lots of technical issues since latest patch
  246. Can't open loot matrices
  247. Unable to delete NEV:3 Hyperbotics Quest
  248. Games played with NEV:3 don't count towards the EvoS lancer daily
  249. Stuck at big red "Update" button when trying to launch AR
  250. Asha Catari Skin