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  1. Duo ranked queue after finishing ranked game ...
  2. Duo Ranked Bugs
  3. Grey drone VFX doesn`t work
  4. Zuki big one crashes client
  5. Season2 Use a taunt with 10 different matches you win BUG
  6. GG Boosts
  7. Celeste not counting toward "Win with every freelancer"
  8. I can't download the game on glyph Launcher and Via Steam (glyph Laucher too)
  9. Bug with "Get 5 Freelancers to level 7" Part 3 of Season
  10. Game started, no catalysts
  11. Chapter 3 Contract: Obtain 10 different taunts.
  12. Recovered from Crash Windown
  13. Garrisson with Omni skin
  14. Bug have 10 taunt
  15. Ghosts in Atlas Reactor
  16. Games won't start (crashing down), bug reports in application crashing the game
  17. Got the game as steamgift and now it tells i don't have it at all
  18. catalysts resetting
  19. Access to all Freelancers without buying the Pack !?
  20. Unable to purchase the game on Steam?
  21. daily quest not awarding ISO
  22. Unexpected Lockwood AI Ult
  23. Aucune rétroactivité des Loot
  24. Freelancers reward bug ?
  25. Rampert and his defect shield
  26. Crash
  27. Loot boxes
  28. No Freelancer loot matrices- Reached level 5 TODAY, not pre-patch
  29. Reversed textures on Trust loot matrices
  30. Loot box and skns
  31. Chat bug :C
  32. Oz ultimate blind spots?
  33. Failed to connect to lobby server
  34. Game not launching
  35. Skin bug
  36. slight issue with the Razer style for Asana
  37. Rask Loot matrix got me Rampart taunt
  38. Crash Report Window Keeps Appearing
  39. Possible movement bug
  40. Atlas Screen Pink
  41. Spawning spots getting worse
  42. Confusing daily mission xp
  43. Skin not unlocked until restart
  44. cannot update the game
  45. Orion's Astral Fusion heal mods are not applying to the self heal.
  46. Orion's Shared Agony mod on Fate Transfer is broken.
  47. Rampart's shiled actually not blocking what it should
  48. Can't Play!
  49. Cant connect to game loading bar wont move..
  50. omni loot matrix
  51. Friend Messaging/Group Invite Window Missing Letters
  52. Enemy speaks / listen our team chat
  53. Gremolitions Ult Bug
  54. Repeated System Crashes
  55. Blackburn doesn't count toward the 30 win Emblem
  56. Quantum Core interaction with invisibility
  57. Celeste follow graphical bug or bug (or feature?)
  58. Cant select heroes after using fill once.
  59. Golden Age styles
  60. Camera issue
  61. Crash Bug—CS Unresponsive
  62. Dash Phase Bugs(?) + Reconnection Bug
  63. Groups can still be disbanded during pre-game loadout phase
  64. Unable to lock in freelancer choice in lobbies
  65. Spectator Bug: Can't see people playing
  66. Skin Glitch Bug
  67. Lobby UI stuck in middle of screen during gameplay
  68. Cannot Target Skills After Reconnecting from a Disconnected Game
  69. [Lockwood Fill Bug]
  70. Frozen abilities
  71. [Quark] Gamma Ray's Anti Matter Mod incorrectly affecting Quantum Collision's bond
  72. UI bug after Match Found
  73. Unable to change the skin
  74. Nix trap didn't trigger, by design?
  75. Not getting 30 win emblem
  76. Pink Screen?
  77. Ping reveals enemy location?
  78. Prologue video of the practice map tutorial don't play
  79. Issues with Invisble users.
  80. Can't play games on Flyway Freighter
  81. Semifrequent Crashes to Desktop or Forces Computer to Restart - Event Log Attached
  82. Atlas Reactor Not Opening Through Steam
  83. Logged in - don't have any characters, skins, titles, or anything else I earned while in Beta and Alpha
  84. Pup Dash path bug
  85. High CPU usage and Memory
  86. Not earning exp?
  87. Enemy character revealed if I'm slowed.
  88. Purchase failed, still charged!
  89. Graphical Problem: Squares all over screen after first launch
  90. Juno's Lockdown vs. corner rounding pathing
  91. Bought All Freelancer Edition on Steam, still in Free Mode on Atlas Reactor
  92. Razer Chroma Naga Hex V2
  93. Been able to see through enemy camera
  94. Server error now I will be penalized?
  95. Challenge Mission
  96. Founder rewards not recieved
  97. Unable to load mono library
  98. Not sure if bug but
  99. Not really a bug but could you somehow improve network connection stability to the game?
  100. Never Ending "Now Loading"
  101. Everything is blue
  102. Randomly unable to load custom game as spectator
  103. Error #1004 - Downloaded files are corrupted.
  104. Graphic Error
  105. Blackburn with infinite ults!
  106. Lag issues from the EU
  107. Colors Splashed Across Screen
  108. Celeste's Strong arm — piercing double pickups
  109. Celeste's Strong arm — magnetizing to unseen target
  110. Celeste's Strong arm & Safecracker — pixel hunting
  111. Having problem with dual monitors for Atlas Reactor.
  112. Chat
  113. Black screen
  114. Asana's Lasting Protection mod does not implement Guardian Angel's new numbers
  115. Helio Black Hole Generator cosmetic issue
  116. After patch Norton firewall issue
  117. Kill Redeem codes :(
  118. [video] Pup pulled me across the map when I could only move 4 spaces.
  119. Extreme frame drops since Yesterday
  120. Cannot get into the game most of the time
  121. Challenge (Mission?) repeats without reward
  122. When opening with Steam, closing Glyph launcher, Steam thinks the game is still open.
  123. Su-Ren At Level 5 for Season Chapter Mission
  124. Free Player Matrix Open Timer Still Active
  125. Error 1008
  126. Forum : profile image & avatar
  127. Crashes after patch
  128. holo-huant chaleng bug
  129. D/c at victory, and weird bug after - got stuck
  130. Mystery unlisted challenge
  131. Rask - Pain Train - No Cooldown
  132. Got a very weird bug
  133. Cursor changed appearence after match
  134. Blackburn mod DOES NOT WORK AS WRITTEN (elite commando)
  135. Glyph application is stuck.
  136. Juno targeting issue
  137. Rask Bug
  138. Steam account key no longer works
  139. Challenge: Play each Freelancer three times.
  140. Zuki vs reactor core map bug
  141. Asana rebounding charge with vault mod bug. [VIDEO]
  142. Double Garrison missile barrage taunt.
  143. Rask resets to starting position after moving, dies with hp remaining and returns to life on next turn
  144. No Healthbars ranked solo q
  145. Didn't get referral from a friend as well as can't login to support site
  146. Can't update Glyph, error #6003 (download file failed to execute)
  147. !) games in PvP Bug
  148. 10 games in PvP Bug
  149. problème écran
  150. Patch and launch troubles
  151. [BUG] Pink screen
  152. Asana's dash
  153. Pink screen when I start Atlas Reactor
  154. It's really a permanent ban from ranked mode?
  155. ReallyReallyLongScreenName
  156. Keep getting Friend Bonus while not having any friends
  157. Pop-up window closes while reading the chapter lore
  158. Can't Pick TRUST!
  159. Computer Crash Randomly Mid Game
  160. Can't lock in ranked
  161. Wrong Loot Matrix
  162. Can't launch game - AV conflict
  163. Impossible to Launch and Install Glyph
  164. False Dodge Message
  165. Losing more ranked points then it says in game.
  166. My stable connection for windows but the whole game broken
  167. no emote from chap III closure
  168. Atlas Reactor not in Glyph librabry
  169. Ribbons from Trust event not switching accordingly.
  170. wrong banner
  171. error 1008
  172. Not sure if Bug, but Matchmaking
  173. Suggestion to change the indication/wording for victory conditions
  174. End of match screen buggy in ranked
  175. Error number 1016
  176. The game selected the wrong Loadout for rank match
  177. Disconnecting at end or every match.
  178. Alpha Reward Permanent Lockwood Consistent Bug
  179. Game crash at startup
  180. Kaigin Follow Bug?
  181. Got a Trust boost even though I didn't get all the skins yet
  182. First turn missing
  183. Game and Glyph Crash at update and startup (Operational System Locked)
  184. Nix - 360 no scope taunt for Fusion Pulse not working
  185. Queue time over 800 seconds? Solo ranked
  186. Dr. Finn Eels bounce outside of shown range.
  187. Dr. Finn Eels bounce outside of shown range.
  188. Orion losing too much Energy on death?
  189. IP changed ... german text
  190. Server
  191. Trust challenge missions not progressing.
  192. Watching a previous game the skip forward button throws exception
  193. (Visual Bug) So these missions shouldn't be around still...
  194. Chapter 4 mission not progressing properly
  195. Strange Grey skin
  196. Nix Invisibility Bug
  197. Omni tier 4 skins not available in Omni loot matrices?
  198. Leaving a solo game with only bots
  199. Unable to use abilities for no reason
  200. HP Pool Not Diplaying
  201. Patch notes link in the launcher does not link to the correct page
  202. There is a big logic issue on cooldowns
  203. Filling in PvP
  204. Unable to start the game.
  205. Gift Problem
  206. Can't play the game because of this error
  207. Leaderboard is all messed up
  208. TAB menu coolddown display not updating for enemy catalysts
  209. Hotfix request - Update Thundering Roar's preview in and out of game (and one other update).
  210. Su Rens spiritbend bug
  211. Loot Matrix Disappeared
  212. Very long loading only *after* a match
  213. Zuki's Big One bug with health bars
  214. Scoreboard bug
  215. Havent Gold skin on Phaedra
  216. unable to equip new skins for Su-Ren
  217. Phaedra mod problem on description
  218. Pushing "s" while chosing a Freelancer ...
  219. Mission Bug
  220. Nix can go invisible with the Case.
  221. Holiday Challenge Bug: No Holiday Loot Rewarded Upon Completion (use 10 overcons)
  222. Fill in not counting for S1 CH 5 mission
  223. Unable to Find Match for Duo Queue After Another Player Dodges
  224. atlas reactor failed to connect to lobby server network error
  225. Ranked ban due to server error dodge
  226. Oz cant count - 29 dmg mod on basic attack
  227. Optimal use of in-game bug reporting dialogue box?
  228. Memory leak?
  229. Loadouts changing after an update
  230. Season 1-chapter 5 overcon reward bug?. /overcon season 1
  231. Disconnecting on loading screens.
  232. Strange Phaedra + Rampart interaction
  233. Help Needed for getting stuck on "loading now" sceen
  234. Please Give Me This Skin
  235. Queue dodge penalty
  236. Fill not available after dropping out of queue
  237. Fun visual bug
  238. 8 gg boosts
  239. Phaedra's Mending Swarm doesnt mend.
  240. weird dots : graphic bug ?
  241. Bought freelancer pack on steam but still in free mode
  242. No Sound
  243. Damage bug
  244. Couldnt select Freelancer
  245. Cannot connect to lobby server
  246. Queue time estimation doesn't work.
  247. Community reward primary taunts missing skin modulation
  248. Celeste Aim Bug - Powerups
  249. Phaedra Heal Bug (Butterfly Skill)
  250. Lag Spikes